Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Christmas

We took a road trip to Vegas for Christmas and it was awesome. I ended up driving most of the way and it wasn't that bad. Then, on the first night we got in I went with Shonna to help feed some homeless Vets Christmas dinner. That was the most awesome experience. So many stories, and the kids put a smile on every face. One of the vets said that they saw God's love in the kids smiles. How great is that? I would have to say that my time there was the best part of my Christmas.

We never were able to make it to the Carder Ranch as we had so many things going on with family. However, we did see the pictures on Amy's blog and oh my! We missed a good party. And Oh my goodness, welcome to the world Noi!!!!!! What an awesome surprise to see your picture! I wish we would have had more time to visit everyone.

The plan for today is going to Park Day in Livermore to meet some of our new homeschooling family. My prayer is for the girls to get connected with a few friends this week. I am also in the process of getting Mackenzie hooked up on a soccer team.

I am still not sure why God placed us here, but I am trying to get this house ready for visitors. I feel like that is the mission I need to be on right now. We love you all, and miss you. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where does all the rain go?

It has rained for two days now and I keep wondering where all of the rain is going. I mean, in Vegas is just collects in to a huge flood and we get all kinds of news on it, but here it just seems to never collect very much. Weird.

I think I am finally starting to have a little bit of reality hitting me. I woke up thinking I was in Vegas, and then I caught myself wishing I could see the awesome mountains that Vegas is surrounded by.

We found Target, and this Cost Plus World Market that has all of these cool things from all round the world. It is way expensive though, so Shad made me leave the store. Party pooper!

My first purchase here for the house was a new shower head. Ours is a little worn for such a nice house. I need prayer as I am constantly looking at all of the items that still need a home and not finding the interest to put them some place out of the way.

Do kids get louder as they get older? I don't remember ever being louder, but my girls are so loud these days. It really is getting on my nerves, and is damaging my hearing as I have to turn on the radio really loud now. But then, we are supposed to loose our hearing as we get older, right?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Baby it's cold outside

I am not sure, but I think it is in the 40's today, and there is rain. I might even put on a fire in a little bit to warm us up a little. Northern California is nice, but they sure make it hard to live here. We went to get our new California drivers license today and was told that we had to have a copy of our marriage cert. and a copy of our birth cert. Which seemed wierd. On line it just said you had to fill out a form and pay a fee. We also have to take some kind of written test. I guess it is nice to know your $25 is paying for something.

The last few weeks have flown by and I am still trying to come to grips with us living here. I feel as though we are on vacation. It still has not hit me or something. I have to say I am super happy to be here away from my mother. I miss friends and family, but boy am I happy here.

I signed up on Yahoo with our new home school group and am planning to invite people over as soon as I get the boxes emptied and out of the living room. Unpacking isn't all that fun, but it is nice to reorganize things and get rid of stuff we really don't need anymore.

Shad is doing well so far with work, and I am going to attempt to drive around this week to learn my way around to the different freeways so I can take the girls to some of the home school events. I don't know where San Ramone is but we are going to find it so Mackenzie can play soccer this year. There is an indoor team starting in January for home schoolers. Kicking a ball around will be great for her.

Our dog is smelling everything all of the time. She has been so good through this whole thing and loves to go out for walks. I took her to the park yesterday and she was so happy.

I have to go, and will write more later.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We leave this Sunday! How did it get here so fast? I am happy, excited and yet sad to be leaving the desert. I have lived here all of my life and now we are going to a new place. It is just wierd.

The movers will be here tomorrow to pack us up, then they take off with our crap on Thursday, and we end up at the in-laws for a couple of days. I don't like good-byes. There are always tears involved, and then tissue and then a mixture of sad and happy laughter. Hugs are good, and knowing that we can always come back to visit is nice. I am really going to miss church family, and home schooling friends, my nieces and nephews, and my vegas family.

Well, I will stop all of that talk for now. Shad is in morning over the loss of his beloved huge ass television. It went out the door last night never to return. (Thank you so, so, so, so, much Zack! ) I am trying to be supportive, but it is not easy.

Our car is all messed up I guess, and we had to choose between a $300 fix and the other $1200 fix which would be the air, so we decided to go with the $300 fix and live without air. I figure we don't really need it in Northern California right? I am also kind of glad we didn't sell it. It has been the best care ever. And most of all, it is paid for. I like having no payments.

Well, I am off to check on Mackenzie as she has a flu bug going on, and I have some packing to do. Pray for our family if you wouldn't mind.

More later........

Friday, December 02, 2005


I am sitting in a hotel room in Walnut Creek. It sure is different here in Northern Cal. The weather is awesome, and the green is a nice change, but the traffic sucks and everything costs a f*^&%$g arm and a leg.

We found a house to rent in Pleasanton that is beautiful, but expensive of course. We will have to live on soup and crackers for a while, like about the next four years, but I am glad to do it if it allows us to stay in such a great area.

We went to Alcatarz today and it is way bigger than I thought. The cells are very small and the place is kind of creepy, but it has some great views of the city and the Golden Gate. We drove over all three bridges today as well. That was really cool. Clam chowder in a sour dough bowl rocks too!

The one thing that kind of sucks is that we will have to leave on Saturday instead of Monday to the new house. Shad has to be at work on Wednesday the 14th and we have to do an inspection on the 12th. It is crazy how fast it is all going.

Guess I will go and pack for our trip back home tomorrow. We are leaving early becuse we have all things ready to go on this end. Now to get all of the things ready on the other.

Can't wait to see the Carders, and holy crap!!!!!!! Congrats Steve and Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to hear of the happy day that the little one arrives!

Monday, November 28, 2005

At the airport waiting to go to San Jose. Shad is bugging me to check his email. Can't a person write a blog note without any interruption? Guess not.

This is the only trip we have ever been on with just the two of us. I am happy about it and excited as to what awaits.

I will update more later.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The wind is blowing like crazy right now. It is kind of cool.

The dog got to go on a field trip today to grandma's house. She fell into the pool twice before realizing that she just can't walk on water. It was fun to watch but my girls freaked out thinking she would drown. I told them it is called the "doggie paddle" for a reason. Although, not all dogs can swim. I realize this, but I believe ours can now.

No lookers on the house as of yet, so I am getting a little worried. We did have a couple of people look at the car though. It would be great to have all three things taken care of before we go to San Fran, however, I just can't stress over it. Too many other things going on.

I was reading about how as a Christian I am supposed to be honoring God by using my spiritual gifts to help others. What is your take on how to find out about your gifts? Someone gave me a test to take, but who made it and how do they know if it is correct? And what other way is there to find out what they are besides asking others?

I also read that if you have questions, you should find the answers in the Bible. Because I have not read much of it, how do I know where to go to find the answers?

It is all so corn-fuzing but so simple at the same time.

I used to have a stuffed animal puppy dog when I was little. It was my favorite, and I took it with me almost every place I went. At about the age of 12 my father took it from me because he was afraid I would keep it until I was 20. Well, at the ripe old age of 34 I just went out and bought me a Snoopy stuffed animal. How do you like me now pop?!?!? I am taking it with me every place I go, and I sleep with it in my arms. He is cool and very acrobatic. Snoopy rocks!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I am sitting here thinking, wow, this house is bigger than we thought. That is because we took out all of the crap we had, now I can really see just how much crap we have that we don't need. Living with less is nice. Living with less with Shad will be torture. Okay, not really. Well, it might be. He is very much into his stuff.

So the house is for sale, the car is for sale, and the TV is sold!!!!!!!(I am so very happy about the last one.)

So we leave for Maryland in another week and I am so excited because we get to go to the White House while we are in DC and we get to go inside and check it out. My kids are going to love it! They are so excited about it.

Hey Amy, I am going to Trader Joes, anything you need? I have a box ready to send out to you! Just name it and I will send it if it is poss.

Peace and love to you today!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

This has been one hell of a weekend. My in-law family was here all weekend helping me get this house ready to sell. What a huge blessing that has been. I couldn't have done it without them. I am not done, but things are way better. I really didn't know that this would cause so much stress, but it has been very stressful. I wish Shad was here to help.

Thinking about anything other than moving and selling and cleaning has been almost impossible. This has been a fly away month so far and the excitement is just getting started. We still have a trip to Maryland to prepare for, then finding a home in San Fran will not be easy, however I am looking forward to the changes ahead.

God is awesome.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's alright

Our house is for sale, our car is for sale, and our TV is for sale. We have to down size to fit in a smaller living space in a larger city. I don't really understand it either. I am willing to play along though.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It is all about tests and trust

The study I am doing is pretty cool. I was a little critical of it at first, but I am really learning a lot. Like it isn't all about me, at all. It is all about God, and I need to be thinking about what the driving forces in my life are. Like is it greed, or envy or the longing for acceptance? How about anger or fear? And have you ever thought about how we are only a blink in this life? But did you forget that God wants us to live forever in eternity with him? I honestly never really thought about it all that much. I was always too busy worrying about me in the here and now. And the thought that God is always testing us, and has trusted us with all of His creations. Wow, never thought about it that way either. I mean, I know we are tested at times, but never thought about it all being a test in this life for the next. And God trusts me? Whoa!

I listened to 1 Corinth. Last night and heard a lot of what I needed to hear about some of my issues. The one that stuck out big time was when it said that we will always be tempted, but God will always give us a way out. Think about it, every time you have been tempted, there was always another way to go and although we might not have made the better choice, God was right there by our sides seeing what we would do. That's kind of freaky. Like he is always watching us and stuff.

And the craziest part? He loves us anyway, no matter the choices that we make. Even when we do the really stupid things.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what was on my brain today. Hope your day is filled with the constant reminder of Gods love for you.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I remember taking my tent out in my backyard and finding a nice flat spot in the dirt, setting it up and playing in it all day and night. Well, until the dog pissed on it and I had to go find a hose to wash it off with. That part sucked, but the rest was very cool. Of course I was by myself, but I had a lot of fun anyway.

Tonight, my girls are sleeping in the backyard, in a tent, in the rain. Funny, because as soon as they started telling me how they wanted to get a tent so they could sleep outside, I couldn't say no. I remembered my adventure and couldn't deny them the experience and fun. I mean, life is uncertain, and things happen. Why not live a little? I am tempted to go out there and sleep with them, however I want them to have the time to be together. Mackenzie said that when the lightning pops and the thunder roars, they hug until it is safe. Earlier I heard them wrestling. God is so awesome.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

40 days

I started a study today, the 40 days of purpose study. It is all I can do to not read on to tomorrows chapter. I know that this is a good thing for me, having to wait. I tend to get going on a book and move so fast that I end up not getting all that I could out of it. So, I will take it one day at a time.

Yesterday was my last day of billing. Sad, but good. I need this time to get things in order for our move. It will all happen very fast, and there are so many things to do.

I am off to make smoothies with the girls. Blessings to you today.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I didn't go to the concert. I am still not over this sick thing completely so I figure I better behave.

The weather is beautiful these days. It was a great day yesterday and we spent most of it outside. My favorite part of the day was watching my girls try to hoola-hoop and Mackenzie kept having to stop because it tickled her ribs too much.

Today we will have some school lessons, and then probably end up outside for a while. I can't wait to see what will happen today. It seems like every day is an adventure and something happens either good or bad out of the norm. What will it be today? God is so awesome.

Know you are blessed.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

It seems weird to me how bad things make us change. Why does it have to be that way? Being sick for so long, and in bed for so long has changed me. I am finally feeling better and all I want to do is be outside, eating veggies and fruits and enjoying God's creations.

I started out my day by wanting to go buy cleaning supplies and ended up at Floyd Lamb State Park talking to the birds and reading all about Tule Springs. Then, after finally going to buy my cleaning supplies, I decided to go to the Farmer's Market up the street, bought peaches, and ate some fresh, grilled corn on the cob. I was tired and needed to go home and take a rest, but I just couldn't stop being outside. They had this really awesome grey and white three legged cat that was just the coolest little guy ever. He was very playful and up for adoption. I would have taken him home in a second, but realized that our dog would probably eat him.

So, now I am home and wishing I was outside, but realizing that there is a lot here to do. Oh, for my birthday, by best friend got me tickets to see Motley Crew with back stage passes. Will I go? Should I? ..................

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday

It is the frickin pneumonia.

But, I am doing alright and today is my birthday and I am going to do something special. Maybe I will have some soup. MMMMmmmmm soup.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I woke up feeling a bit sore. Funny, I thought, to be sore when I haven't even worked out yet. Then I went to take in a deep breath to stretch and that is when I felt the sickness deep down in my chest. I didn't want to believe it so I ignored it for a whole day, but finally last night I came to realize that I am getting sick. It better not be that frickin pneumonia.

This morning I woke up at 6am because I just couldn't sleep any more. My body hurt too much. However, I took 800mg of Motrin and I am feeling pretty good now. I still see a quick care visit in my future.

Nap time


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What the....!

So we get to have a visit this weekend from Shad. He comes in Friday night and leaves Sunday. Quick but needed. Then it is another month. :(

He then graduates in November, and right after that we go to find a house, then right after that the movers get here and we are gone. Like, just that fast! How does it all come together? How does it work out? Only God knows. Our date to be gone is Dec. 12.

Crazy shit.

In the mean time I am trying to get things packed up and cleaned up and moved out so we can be ready. I need to paint some and will be doing that hopefully tomorrow. Want to come over and paint? Right!

So life has been crazy, and I am trying to do school and be active in our group, but it has been hard. My baby is feeling much better and that has helped. My baby, okay so she is 7 and that realy doesn't count as being a baby, but she will always be my baby so get over it.

I miss my church family. I have been so crazy that I am not connecting with them as I should. And it is going to suck when we leave you all.

We need prayer. And I need help with this stinking house.

Blessings to you all.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Yep, Kenzie has it and my poor baby had to get a shot in the ass. It hurt her and she cried and that just sucked. I wanted to slap the nurse at first, but then remembered when I had a job like hers. It sucks to be the one to have to deliver bad news or have to stab someone with a needle.

So, after a full day at the doctors, we finally got to come home. I have another week of activities to cancel, and a mountain of laundry to do to make sure we all don't get sick. Not to mention the fact that I am trying to sort through things and store things and move shit and find a house in a place I have never been to, do a job I can hardly concentrate on, all while teaching my children something everyday so we don't fall behind in school. Yep, I am totally dumping my crap all over this thing. Sometimes you just have to throw up all of the shit on your mind. Did I mention that I broke a toe? I know, whaaaaaah!

Good things: we have made some progress on the rooms upstairs, we have narrowed down the areas we need to be looking for a house in, and Shad will be here in less than two weeks for a visit. Hey Zack, if you are out there, PLEASE BUY OUR TV SO I CAN FIX UP MY LIVING ROOM!!!! PLEASE!!!!! and I just know that there are a lot of you out there who would love to come over and do some painting with me right?

On other news, well, I don't have a whole lot of other news. Just whinning and a longing for a night out.

Love to all

Friday, September 16, 2005

Crappy week

I have had to cancel all of the things we have had planned this week because Mackenzie is sick. And, I am a stress case these days. There is a lot in my life that I don't share with my friends. I should. Maybe.

So I am off to find storage containers and boxes and such. I have a ton to do with this house and am not getting enough done. I make to many plans with good intentions, and then act horribly on them. I just have to remember that I can't do everything and I can't please everyone. I just have to take one day at a time.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Our new additions to the family...

Welcome Little Baby and Tiny to our family. They are the girls new turtles that just arrived home tonight. They are so small, and cute.

Oh, right, don't tell Shad because he doesn't know yet. It's kind of like a surprise!!!!!

If you know me and live around here and have kids who would like to come over and take a look, let me know. This has been a great education for my kids and has caused them to have to work together. I am loving it.

Some turtle facts that we learned:
The shell is made out of bone. It is an external skeleton. There are tons of different kinds, some that look very funky. They need warmth, water and eat all kinds of veggies. You shouldn't keep a turtle in a glass tank without covering three of the four sides, otherwise the turtle doesn't feel safe and some have been known to smack their heads into the glass enough to hurt. Turtle insanity!!! You can measure the growth of your turtle by tracing it on a piece of paper every month. You can also almost tell how old a turtle is by counting the rings on its scutes. Scutes are the sections of the outer shell. They are ectothermic, or cold-blooded.

Like I said, we learned a lot.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Could this week go any slower?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here we go.....

He made it there safe and sound. That takes a load off of my mind. Now the fun part begins.

So the tv is off and the girls are reading and writing and having fun. I am enjoying this because the tv is usually on all of the time in this house. It is going to be a quiet four weeks.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Taking some time to myself before Shad has to leave. There is a lot to do in the next three months so I am trying to get things done a little every day. It's hard to believe that we will be living in San Francisco before Christmas. I am excited though.

We took a walk to the Orchard the other day and we found the largest zucchini I have ever seen and it cost me a whopping $0.40!!!! I love that place!

So the girls start school this week officially and I am so very glad that we don't have to fall into the whole "Back to school Sale" crap. What a rip off. Let's jack our prices up and then knock them down to what they would be if you bought them for full price so you feel like you are getting a deal. I have to admit that we do go out and buy up all of the crayons and markers we can find though. Okay, I am sad.

Because we are moving, we have to learn the new Home Schooling rules for California. They seem to me easy, but in such a liberal state, I am going to find some back up in the way of HSLDA as they seem to have a home schoolers back when in need.

I have to thank Amy for introducing me to home schooling. It brought MacKenzie and I together, and has just made my relationship so much better with my kids. I used to yell, and get frustrated and have melt downs, but now I listen, they listen, we communicate. Hailey tells me everything and I mean everything. They ask questions about everything and are interested in learning about all that they can. I love that! I learn along with them and we get to experience so much together. I know it isn't for everyone, but I sometimes think and wish it could be. One day they are all grown up and living their own lives away from us. I want to take advantage of the time I have with my children. I want to develop the best relationships I can with them before they are grown. It isn't always a cake walk, but mostly it is. Praise God for home schooling!

I will stop my soap box now. Time to fold some laundry. Oh Joy!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can do it!!!!!

So grandma has to go to the doctor today and guess who volunteered? Yep, I bet you would too if your grandma asked you to cut her toe nails. I took one look and said, "Gram, you need a toe doctor, not a grand-daughter."

Anyone want to buy a big screen TV for $2000? Please!?

I bought my girls some Bright Minds books for school. They rock! Great for home schoolers and in schoolers a like.

Today we have already learned about Vikings, and now we are about to do some loving on the grandma. Then it is going to be music practice, math, and critical thinking.

Holy crap, look at the time! I have to go!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I had a dream about a really cool house that I wanted to take a picture of, but didn't have my camera.

Shad leaves very soon so there is a lot to get done in the next three months. I see a lot of dust, cleanser and paint in my future. I also see a lot of exercising and a diet as well. Anyone want to buy a house? How about go on a long walk?

The girls had a recital today and it was very good. They played beautifully and I am very proud of them. There is nothing like watching your children accomplish something they work so hard for.

My Jags kicked butt today. I knew they would. It is just the preseason but it was nice to watch them finally knowing that the season is upon us. I know, I have been brainwashed by my husband. It was destined to happen. :)

Monday, August 15, 2005


Yes, we received the letter today. The one we have waited four years for. I was excited, yet now I feel the slightest fear. Fear of the unknown. Our lives change every day, so why is this different? Could it be that we are about to sell our house, and move to a totally new area where we will know not one person? Oh, well, it could be that. It could be worse too.

I am happy about the move, yet sad that Shad will be gone for so long before we go. We have been through scarier times in our marriage. We will make it.

My mom is already on the guilt ban wagon about how she never gets to see her grandchildren. Funny. I totally won't go there with her. I am happy that it causes her concern. At least there is a heart in there some place. I was beginning to wonder.

So, time to do some planning.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I have been sick for over a week now, but seem to be getting better finally. Getting sick really sucks.

We are still waiting to hear the final word on our moving situation, so that is a bit annoying. I found these really cool storage boxes for our movies that take up way less space, and am starting to get things way more organized with the intention of making our move (when it happens) much easier. I am about to do something that a few people will understand just how awesome it is. I am about to get rid of all of my cd collection. All 150 or so of them. I really don't know the true number because that would cause me to actually step into reality about it and that would be just icky!

I plan on selling them, and then donating the money to the Palmers in case you really had to know.

School is going good, although sickness allowed for laziness and now we are having a hard day of reality. The girls are struggling to finish their work. All I want is to get to Art. My favorite subject. Home schooling is the greatest feeling. Watching your children learn, watching them light up when they finally "get it" and seeing the happiness on their little faces, all proud of themselves. Just amazing.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happy Birthdays and Realization

My daughter, my oldest daughter is 11 today. Wow, that was fast. I am proud of her, and love her even so much more today than ever if that is even possible.

This week has been a hard one filled with difficult problems and troubles, yet we seem to get through each day with so many blessings. I feel as though I am being prepared for the next three months. The three months that Shad will be gone.

Good things always come from the bad in some sort of way.

Monday, August 01, 2005


I am such a sad case. I read all of these blogs and think, what is the big deal? Some person makes a comment, spills his opinion and everyone freaks out. Perhaps that is because we are all guilty. Guilty of lacking in the loving others department, the mission department. Who knows. I only know how lacking I am in these areas. Yet God has a plan for us, and is going to move us to a new place with a chance to share our love of God. Awesome! I just hope I don't screw up too badly. I just want to love people, and not worry about the rest.

Perhaps I should just keep on keeping on and that is that. Yes, we watch too much t.v. too. Have you ever watchted the veggie one about the sports utility vehicle? Classic!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Book Club info

We will get together next Wednesday the 3rd at the home of the Citizens and Parkers.
For more information, email me.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Going out with a bunch of other home school moms can be tuff. I didn't get home until 2:30am! How time can fly when you are having fun. It was great to get away from everything for a little while and just hang. I just love my fellow home school gang.

Praying for my brother is helping! He is currently divorced, but they are both now getting counseling and it sounds like things are looking better. They need much prayer still as things are still weird and confusing for them both.

My father had his party in Mexico this last weekend. It kind of snuck by me. I almost feel kind of sad that I missed seeing everyone, however, I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the last time I went. Perhaps one day I will get past that. I miss my dad a lot at times.

Test results finally came in from the standard testing my oldest daughter took. Looks like I am not all that bad at schooling my children. She did awesome, however, I knew she would. She is awesome.

Time to run errands, do my house hold chores, be a biller and teacher and mother all at the same time. It can be done you know!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just Stuff

The places we could end up are around and near San Francisco, and so we are cool with that.

The book we read for book club was good. I am hoping to hear from those of you still interested in getting together to discuss it. It is the last week of July and so we need to plan a meeting.

I had a great time listening to a youth group pastor tonight talking about the kids he ministers to and a trip they took camping. Most of these kids are super talented musically. I was floored. They all seemed to have had a profound trip. Reminds me of my first outing with Apex. Well, sort of.

God has been showing me a lot these days. Most of all He is showing me more about love. Love for His children. His love for me. I am such an ass, yet he loves me anyway. I screw up all of the time, and am a total sinner, but His love is always there. And He is always giving me choices, and I am constantly making the wrong ones. I am working on it though. Because He loves me so much, I am able to start making better choices. I still make wrong ones, (who doesn't) but am doing better.

I pray that you start seeing Gods love for you. Then, lets start spreading the love.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Narrowing it down!

So the choices are now Stockton, Richmond, San Jose, or Oakland. Not our choice, thiers.

Will update later.

Monday, July 18, 2005

School Days

Well, my kids asked me last week when school was going to start. Being that we do school at home, I said "When do you want to start school?" They were getting bored, and so we are starting school today.

I love that my kids want to start school early. It helps me to feel like I am accomplishing THE most important thing about home schooling. That thing is giving them a love of learning. I get it now Amy.

So this day will be filled with Math lessons, writing, reading, science experiments and art. Not to mention the awesome fun of lunch making, music and house cleaning. Music and house cleaning always go together so well, don't you think?

On another note, the San Francisco thing is about 90% now. However I found out that just because they said San Francisco doesn't mean that is where we will end up. It is just the major hub and the places we could end up are San Fran, Hawaii, Guam, San Jose, Sacramento, and Oakland to name a few. I hope it is San Francisco, but we shall see. Could you imagine if we ended up in Hawaii or Guam? Whoa! Break out the surf board and sunscreen dude!

Okay, I am seriously going to find out how to put pictures up on this thing. I have wanted to share pics for a while. I am off to find out how.....

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The hunt for a job by October!

Okay, I just thought that up. (you get it right? Hunt for Red October, Hunt for a job by.....) Good huh? Maybe I could get a job in advertising! RIIIIGGHHTT!

So how's it going? Good, good.

I started reading the book club book finally as I just picked it up today at Target Greatland. I am liking it so far, but I am only one chapter in. Perhaps the book club will spill over to San Fran once we get there.

So I got to see Tara today. She is the little girl with the screwed up life. Her mom was given a chance, and was doing really well. Not so well now though. Mom is screwing up again. It is sad and makes no sense to me the one side of the story that I hear. I don't get the full story and so I have to fill in the gaps and just trust that God is working in this case. Tara said she loved us and that she misses us very much. Just kick me in the heart!

Pray, pray, pray that this little girl is taken care of. And for her mother who seems to have trouble with alcohol and drugs and a questionable mental state.

So how about those Boyds huh? Just up and running off to California like that. Who do they think they are? Oh, we are going to do the same. Right on!

Pray for my brother as well, for his broken hand and wrist, for his broken heart, and for his children. Yep, I could write books about the crap in my family. You too huh? Cool. Maybe one day we can get togther and combine stories for some really great reading. I would have to learn how to spell though. Nawwwwwww!!!!

Love you all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Time to think

I have had much time to think about the new adventure that is about to take place in my life. Not just my life, but my families lives. We are very blessed with an awesome family, and church family here, and leaving is going to be hard. However, it seems as though this is what God has been preparing us for.

I am very excited to live in a cooler climate yet the desert has been my home from birth. I will miss the mountains and the heat. Sad, I know. How can a person really miss temps of 113 with zero humidity? It is oven weather, but I will miss it.

Prayer needs to be for a smooth move, and that we find an affordable home.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am trying to figure out how to make an income while we are there while staying at home with my children and home schooling. Prayer is needed for that as well as I will have to stop my billing biz here. Can't really take it with me and so I will need to do something. Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The results..........

12 months of school starting in Sept. and then it is San Francisco.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

and the place is.............................okay, we don't know because they have to call us back. So, tomorrow for sure.......I just know it.......

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

News Flash

So the job was offered. Will he? Won't he? They didn't tell us where, and then by the time Shad got to call back they were gone. So, although I am calm, I have a small place inside my stomach filled with anticipation as to where we could go.

So until tomorrow........

By the way, Alisha, I love you back and am so proud of you for taking flight! You are free!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Book Club

I sometimes think it is such a dull title. You know, Book Club. Instead lets call it The Intellectually Stimulating Ladies Night Out. Nope, too long. How about The Weenie Roasting Book Club. Nope, can't say weenie without laughing. Oh well, lets just stick with Book Club.

So the last book was a real drag for me in that it made me angry. But, lets move on shall we!

The next book is The secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

We will get together some time towards the end of July at the "Intentional Community" of the Parkers and Citizens. (Sorry, I don't know the other last name of the other family.)

Happy reading!!!!

For all of you who are wondering why I changed the book, see the comment from Kelly on my last blog entry.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Well, okay,

1.How many books do you own?
As I look around the house, I seem to notice that we have books everywhere! I am talking in the kitchen, den, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and one in the laundry room. I believe we even have some out in the cars and I know we have a stack or two in the garage. Who knew?

2. What was the last book you bought?
Well, as it happens, we just bought four books. Messy Spirituality by Michael Yaconelli, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, To Be Told by Don Allender, and The Joyful Christian by C.S. Lewis.

3. What was the last book you read?
I am currently reading Messy Spirituality which I am enjoying very much. It has brought a lot to light. Before that I read Tara Road by Mauve Binchey. ( I am sure I spelled that wrong.)
I didn't like that book. It made me angry, and brought up a lot of old feelings that suck. Not to mention that is was an Oprah book. But I won't go there.

4. Name five books that mean something to you.
Umm, well, okay. The Bible means a lot to me, as it has changed me forever and continues to do so every time I read it. Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein is a book that means a lot. It was one of the first books I fell in love with as a child. It brings me lots of funny memories. Dangerous Wonders by Michael Yoconelli is another one that I love. It reminds me to stay as a child. My Journal is another book that means the world to me as it is the reason I am sane today. It is the story of my life and has taught me many lessons. It has been my best friend and trusted advisor. It keeps all of my secrets and never tells them to a soul. It is my direct path to God's ear.
I can't think of another one right at the moment. Perhaps I will fill in the blank later.

I guess I will tag Alisha, Amy, and Dave......

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good morning

I am finally feeling better. I was very tired from our trip. The best part of Sea World was petting the dolphins. They are so cool to watch. And the Clydesdales ( my spelling has got to be wrong on that one.) are huge.

At the Zoo, well, I really loved the Giraffe. They are amaizing creatures. Oh, and the Galapogose Turtles were very cool too. I watched as one lifted itself up on all four legs and streached it's head way up to reach a leaf on a tree. The gorilla were giant as well. I would hate to meet one of them in the wild.

It was great to see the ocean again too. I miss it. The girls were finding all kinds of shells and collecting seaweed for hours. I got to take a nap and a walk.

God is great!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


We left town and went to California to visit the zoo and Sea World. We had a great time. We have been stressed over the choice to move and Shad take a new job, or stay and continue life as it is, so this trip helped a lot.

I am tired, and ready to catch up on some sleep.
Perhaps I will write more later.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I had to be interviewed for the job Shad is trying to get. How cool is that? It went well even though I was nervous. I had a feeling like this was what God wants our next step to be. So with that said, I am mentally preparing for the next events that will (in my mind) certainly take place in the next three month. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere yet.

I saw the pictures on Amy's blog and they were awesome! It makes me wish we could just hop on over there to Iceland and check it all out too. The kids are looking great, and I was blown away by the beauty of the place. I can only imagine what it is like in real life.

The book club location has changed, and the day and time will as well. Michelle Hunt has graciously offered to host it at her home. So look for the announcement for that.

I started reading Wanting More by Joel Vestal. It is a great book. Check it out!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Book club will be on June 26 at 2pm at my home. Please RSVP with me by emailing me, or responding with an RSVP comment. :)

I also wanted to put out there that the Home School Convention will be on June 24th and 25th at Calvary Community located at 2900 Torrey Pines Drive. It runs noon to 9pm on the 24th and 8am until 7pm on the 25th. There will be a lot to hear and learn so check it out. There is an entry fee, but if you want to only go in to the vendor area, it's only $5.

Our house church started a cool program called Kids Around the World with our children. It is awesome, as our kids are learning all about other cultures and how there are so many billions of people in the world who have never heard of Jesus. Last night the kids got to eat some different foods that they had never tried before. It was fun to watch their faces as they tried different things. They also took turns praying for these different cultures. It was awesome to hear what was on thier hearts.

Shad is moving ahead with one of his job prospects, and we should know something pretty soon, say like the middle of this month. Pray that God's agenda happens, not ours.

Lastly, I would just like to say I miss my Carder family.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I love this time of the year here. It is so nice and hot and it really reminds you to be thankful for the shade and the trees that make it.

The book club meeting will be announced soon so keep an eye open for it.

If you could be a character in the new Star Wars movie, who would you be?

I would be Yoda! He rocks! He rocks so hard!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I cleaned up my house and now I am moving on to cleaning up my work area. It feels good to dust off the muck and smell the fresh air.

My church family is awesome. Just wanted you all to know.

_ _

Monday, May 16, 2005


I didn't want to go to church last night, because it was going to suck. Four of the most beautiful people in our community (in my opinion)are going to be leaving us. That just plain sucks! And as always, I went because God said so, and as always, I was taught some valuable lessons from the word of Joe.

That is what I call it, the word of Joe. It really is just the words of God flowing from his lips. He opens his mouth and God gives you a what for and a how to every time. It never fails, I always learn something from what Joe has to say. That has been the hardest part for me. He speaks the words of God so perfectly and yet we don't get to hear it any more. When I first heard Joe speak about God, it totally changed me, and saved me from a very dark place. And Deb has such a huge heart of gold, and a voice like an angel. I love Joe and Deb and their awesome kids. It sucks to see them go.

And as always, God has a plan that is greater than us all, so it only makes sense that Joe and Deb would take His words and plant them some place else. God didn't bring us all together to just teach to US. To keep us locked in one place to keep His words to ourselves. He wants us to spread His love everyday in every way. Even if that means becoming an actor and moving to L.A.

You all are loved so very much and you always have a home in Vegas. (Or where ever we end up in years to come)

Soooo, enough already!

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Book Club

Oh the mighty book! How it can toss and turn a mind, whether in a good way or bad.

The next book was picked randomly from a hat with a total of six different choices. It will be Tara Road by Maeve Binchy.

Please get the book, and keep a journal or notebook with you while you read it so that you can write down some things that pop into the mind.

Thanks to everyone who came to the get together on Saturday. It was great to see you all, and to hear the different versions of like and dislike for the book. I don't know where we will meet for this next one or when, and will update everyone when I know. Until then, keep reading!

Friday, April 29, 2005

HPN sucks!!!

So my cousin who I pray for often (because of his alcohol and drug abuse) finally decided he needed help. He has lost everything, and now is finally ready. So I take him to Monte Vista, and they call his insurance, and good old HPN says, "You have to see a doctor first to be evaluated." so they make him an appointment for the following day. THE NEXT DAY!?! What in the hell do you mean! He needs help now, is ready now, and you make him wait?

So, I can't believe it and call them myself. Yep, but" we can get him in first thing in the morning, just hang on, ....................... okay he can see Mr. so and so at 1pm tomorrow afternoon."


Okay, I keep me thoughts and voice to myself, and then find a Psychologist who will see him right away. He is evaluated and the Psychologist writes a letter stating that he needs to be let in to Monte Vista right away. COOL! Finally, someone who cares enough to help guide him to follow through on his decision. He will finally get the help he needs. God is rocking!!!

So, now it's back to Monte Vista and they take the paper, call HPN and guess what? SORRY, NO CAN DO! He didn't see an HPN doctor, oh, but he can go to the ER and see a doctor there who has nothing to do with HPN either and get admitted. Guess the licensed Doctor of psychology doesn't really know a thing about psychology. What a bunch of crap!


So all night long I am praying that he doesn't kill himself because that is what he said he was afraid of doing and why he wanted to go in right away. And I keep wondering why God would put so many road blocks in the way of his decision to get help. I find out today that he ended up going to UMC and is in the Cardiac Unit because they are worried about his heart. He has been there all night, and will be there for a few more days.

So I am tempted to think that even though the insurance people are fucked up, ignorant jerks, God's agenda is what is happening. He couldn't have gone in last night because he needed to go to the hospital.

Sometimes, I just don't understand, but I have got to learn to trust God.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Okay, I am blogging instead of working, cleaned the garage to avoid work as well, and will go out and finish what I started and then start something else. Why, because I can think of a million different things I would rather do today than work on billing.

God keeps reminding me though that I have to get it done, so I will obey. Right after I get a sandwich. Oh, and I have to take the girls to their aunts house, and the dog needs a bath, and the floor needs scrubbed, and oh, there is so much laundry and dishes to do. I think the oil needs changed in the car, and what the heck, if I do the car, I should do the truck as well right?

I know, go get to work on my billing. I'm going....

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Book Club

Okay, 4pm at Hidi's, but you must RSVP, so email me and let me know you are going, or call Hidi. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More book club stuff

So I am checking with the host as to what time on the 30th and will post it when I know it. Sorry about that

Monday, April 04, 2005

Book club info

We will be gathering at Hidi Stokes house on April 30th to discuss Reading Lolita in Tehran and you are invited!

Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

sad stories, answered prayers, and happy Easter!

I was just looking through some of the other blogs an noticed one where someone is struggling with their family. I can so relate, but it makes me sad to know that there is some one else who is going through the stress and sadness of a situation like that. It sucks when you can't talk to your family. You can only listen and pray.

Speaking of prayers, mine have been answered as of late. The little girl who's mom was struggling with drugs, and who was living with her sick grandmother is back with her mom, and her mom is totally different these days. Clean, sober and taking great care of her children.

I've started to go for a walk every day, about three and one half miles. I wake up at around 5:30am and take the dog. She drags me the first mile or so, and then I end up dragging her the last mile. It has been good, but my shoes are bad, so I have blisters. How sad is that, blisters from just walking. I am hoping to end my struggles with my weight and turn into a vegetarian at the same time. If any of you have some pointers, comment them my way. So far I have learned how to make some Portabello wraps that are very tasty. And stir fry is very good with out meat. Oh, and I started making these blueberry protein shakes that are very good as well.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I found it very awesome to sit with my kids and teach them the actual reason for Easter. We read from the Bible and they had some good questions. Does anyone know if we have to live forever in Heaven? MacKenzie isn't sure she wants to.

sad stories, answered prayers, and happy Easter!

I was just looking through some of the other blogs an noticed one where someone is struggling with their family. I can so relate, but it makes me sad to know that there is some one else who is going through the stress and sadness of a situation like that. It sucks when you can't talk to your family. You can only listen and pray.

Speaking of prayers, mine have been answered as of late. The little girl who's mom was struggling with drugs, and who was living with her sick grandmother is back with her mom, and her mom is totally different these days. Clean, sober and taking great care of her children.

I've started to go for a walk every day, about three and one half miles. I wake up at around 5:30am and take the dog. She drags me the first mile or so, and then I end up dragging her the last mile. It has been good, but my shoes are bad, so I have blisters. How sad is that, blisters from just walking. I am hoping to end my struggles with my weight and turn into a vegetarian at the same time. If any of you have some pointers, comment them my way. So far I have learned how to make some Portabello wraps that are very tasty. And stir fry is very good with out meat. Oh, and I started making these blueberry protein shakes that are very good as well.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I found it very awesome to sit with my kids and teach them the actual reason for Easter. We read from the Bible and they had some good questions. Does anyone know if we have to live forever in Heaven? MacKenzie isn't sure she wants to.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

So sometimes my mouth opens and stupid shit comes out. I am human.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just got back from south of the border. It was nice to get away for a weekend, but weird. I don't think I have ever hung out with my dad alone before. There was always someone with us all of the times before.

I found it awkward and difficult to talk to him. I felt like a little kid. And it never fails, he always finds a way to say something rude or inappropriate to me that totally pisses me off. But I always bit my tongue and keep it to my self. What is the point in arguing? I just won't go there.

While I was there, I was thinking about how he was with a woman before my mom, and this woman had a child. (My half sister) If God really wants people to be together until death do they part, then he should have been with her and her mom, not my mom. So what does that make us? Perhaps that is why it never was to be with them, because he was supposed to be with Mary Jane. So then what was the purpose of God having him meet my mother and her having me and my brother? Yes, I think about these things and I can't talk to my dad about them or my mom, so I am left to wonder. Not that they could give me the answers anyway. And I am 33!!!!!!

I guess I should stop thinking and start working.

Hey Michele, homeschooling allows for a closer relationship between you and your children among other things. I truly feel that all parents should be responsible for their children's education. You have been teaching them from day one, so why stop now? God gave them to you because he knew you were the perfect teacher and mother for them.

Just a thought. I'll stop thinking now.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Wow! What a read! I am so thankful for God leading me to this book. What an amazing story and oh how it allows a person stir inside. I want to say thank you to Hidi for stepping out of her comfort zone (wink, wink) and braving the elements to spend time talking about this book. It was awesome just hanging out with you and listening to the way this book touched you. I can't wait till next month!

Well folks, this is your chance to get the book and read because we decided that we will make Reading Lolita In Tehran the book of the month again. I have also been re-evaluating and decided that we will meet towards the end of April. My goal is to allow the reader ample time to read and chew on the book. (No, do not eat your book, just chew gently.) This is because there are so many great things here to chew over and I want to make sure you get time to do it.

I want to ask that those of you who have read it or are reading it, please write down some things that stand out as you go. Ask questions, put down how you feel. How is it stirring you, or maybe it isn't, so why? The meeting time and place will be announced later in the month.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Life goes on

Just a reminder that the book club will meet this Saturday afternoon at Moutain Crest Park at one in the afternoon. Bring a blanket or bring a lunch. It should be a great day to get outside and injoy the fresh air.

If you didn't get to read the book, come anyway so you can get the heads up on the next! See you there!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Okay, we will meet at Mountain Crest Park (thanks Hidi) on Durango and Lone Mountain on the 5th of March around one. If you would like to, bring the kids, and if the day is yucky, we will go some place else.

If you plan on going, please have a book in mind for next month as I would like to have us all take turns in picking a book to read.

On other news, there are some cool things going on at my web site for my Mary Kay. Check it out if you like.

By the way, mom is doing fine. She is back home and back to her old self. And dad has invited me to visit him next month. That could be interesting. I was taught how to hit golf balls at the driving range last Tuesday. My brother invited me, and he taught me how. It is kind of cool, I always thought golf was boring, but it's fun. And, I'm not bad (so my brother says) so maybe I will keep going.

Prayers for Jeremy, Joe, the whole Carder family, cousin Chuck, Tara, Kristy, Joan, and well, my list could go on. Guess I will just leave it at that.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Thanks for joining in Hidi!

The book is for us to read this month, and we will be getting together on March 5, 2005 at one in the afternoon at the park on Durango and Craig. I will have the actual name posted later today and will have better directions. I checked the library web site for the book and most of them had them checked out. I will be checking at a couple of other places to see if I can just pick up a couple of copies. Let me know if you need one!

I was thinking about taking notes from our book discussions and posting them here on my blog. Just a thought, so we shall see.

Happy reading!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Football is over!!!

Okay, so the book to read this month is called Reading Lolita In Tehran by Azar Nafishi.
I am hoping you all can find it at the library, but if not, let me know, perhaps I might have one you can borrow. The meeting day and time will be announced this week.

Thanks Michelle for meeting with me. I had a fun time. I hope you and your family feel better soon.

I have had a good weekend, up until we sat down to do bills. :(

Time for ice cream!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mom gets out of the hospital soon. You would think that she might have learned from this trip, but sadly I fear not. The good news is that God is in control, not me.

The wind is blowing a lot these days. It reminds me that God is real.

Don't forget that the book club is meeting this Saturday at the Macaroni Grill at 1pm. I hope to see someone there, but will enjoy a nice lunch if even by myself. I even have a back up book for next month that is really great.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My mother is in the hospital with pneumonia. My cousin, his wife and baby were evicted and are now living in a weekly place. The little girl who lives with her grandmother (because her mother is a drug addict) is not getting the counseling she needs, and her grandmother is not taking her medicine and still smoking like a chimney. Life, it is sometimes ugly. It is sometimes hard. Sometimes I wish I had millions of dollars so I cold help ease the pain of hurting people. Take the people in all of the tsunami areas. People with no food or water, not to mention a place to live. But would money really make it all better? Would it ease the pain of the children who have lost their mothers and fathers? Is money going to get that little girl's mother to stop taking drugs? No.

I am just rambling. Thoughts fill my head, I let them slip with no real destination. It's all good.
Sometimes I sit here looking out my window wondering why so many of us are just sitting here looking out our windows. My heart wants to help hurting people, but I feel as though I am limited as to what I can do. And while all of these people in the world are suffering, I sit here being too lazy to get my house clean and my work done. I feel like what I do sometimes isn't enough. Like I should be doing more for Him. I know I should be doing more. How sad it is that bad things have to happen to make us open our eyes and minds to the more important things in life. And funny it is that the only important thing is Him and our love for Him. Why do we make everything so complicated all of the time?

So these pigeons just walked up to my front door to take a bath in the water that is falling from my roof. One is just tooting around in the rocks doing the chicken neck thing. That was weird.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Did I say my life was boring?

I am so wrong! Life always gets interesting when you think it is boring.

So I hope to see lots of people at the Carder Ranch tonight. Hope you all can make it.

Crap! Time to go run around like a chicken!

Congrats to Joe. Nice to hear things are going so well for you. (assuming you read my blog)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I currently have nothing of real interest to blog about. Life is nice and boring.

The book club meeting is going to be on February 5, 2005 at 1:00pm at the Macaroni Grill on Lake Mead and Rainbow. If you were unable to read the book, but would like to read the next one, please keep a look out for the next announcement. Or if you just want to come hang out for lunch, you are more than welcome. I would like it to be a no kid event, however, if you want to, bring the little people.

Hope your life is nice and boring right now too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Are you feeling it?

There is so much going on in the world. Have you read the posts at I think that is the right address. He is living in the middle of some amazing moments. It makes me wonder what I should be doing for the people in my life I tend to ignore. The first people who come into mind are my father and cousins. Oh, my mother would fall into that list as well. I had this thought about going to Mexico for my father's birthday party and trying to be a light to them in some way. I can hear Shad now. "Waist of time and money" and he would probably be right. But maybe, just maybe I could be doing something for someone. It's not like I have my life all figured out, but I could take what I have and share it with someone. I guess my motives would be all wrong. If it is something God wanted, it would happen without my knowledge. It seems like such a fine line figuring that out. When we do something, is it for ourselves or something He wanted us to do?

Is it possible to learn a valuable lesson when your 33 from a book you read to your ten year old? It is called Sahara Special and just be warned, it has some bad language in it, but it is a cool story. Every time I read the next chapter, I get something from it. I hope my kids do too.

Monday, January 10, 2005


I have a new email address. Now I have to update everyone who cares.

I really would like to live in Ohio Jenn, I really would. Yes, I am insane. It is just different.

Happy day!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Snow in Vegas!

There is just something unique about snow in Vegas. First, it is the desert, and yes, it snows in the desert. Most people seem to forget that. But it doesn't happen all that often, so everyone gets excited. And it is exciting! My neighborhood is slowly being covered with a blanket of white. It is very peaceful to watch. The girls have already been out playing with the dog in it. I went out and looked up and dodged the flakes. That was really cool. Then I made some hot cocoa.

I am hoping that it lasts all day and night because I really love it. Shad thinks I am crazy because I said I would love to live in Ohio where it snows like crazy all of the time. Yes, it would probably get old after a while, but I would live it none the less. Just like I love the heat of the desert. Isn't God awesome?