Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I had to be interviewed for the job Shad is trying to get. How cool is that? It went well even though I was nervous. I had a feeling like this was what God wants our next step to be. So with that said, I am mentally preparing for the next events that will (in my mind) certainly take place in the next three month. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere yet.

I saw the pictures on Amy's blog and they were awesome! It makes me wish we could just hop on over there to Iceland and check it all out too. The kids are looking great, and I was blown away by the beauty of the place. I can only imagine what it is like in real life.

The book club location has changed, and the day and time will as well. Michelle Hunt has graciously offered to host it at her home. So look for the announcement for that.

I started reading Wanting More by Joel Vestal. It is a great book. Check it out!

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