Saturday, October 30, 2004

Laringitis Rocks!!!!!

I can't talk very well. My voice is gone for the most part. I just loooove when it happens too. Happens every year or so.

Greg Cambell's blog makes so much sense to me. I totally understood it. My question is though, doesn't that mean that people can worship in a conformed unit if they feel they need to? Or perhaps we need the conformity to help us get to the non-conformity of it all. Whoa! Very heavy, but oh so true. Like sand though an hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Sorry, I've watched a lot of stupid comedies in my life time.Still do obviously.

King's Fair was cold, had a lot of room, super long lines, fun games, good food, funny people, a holy cow, police on horseback, well, just a lot of everything. A fun night and worth the laringitis.

Now the delima, do we go buy candy for Sunday night, or do we turn off the lights and skip it? Or perhaps we hand out carrot sticks and peanut butter. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Chips and Salsa

Have you ever craved chips and salsa? I just can't seem to get enough of them lately. There is just something about the crunchy chip mixed with that slightly sweet, spicy, chunky salsa. Yummy! Maybe I could go on the Chips and Salsa diet.

Speaking of diet, I have been working out and am starting to see some difference. Of course, if I don't stop eating all of these chips and salsa things could get bad.

Thanks Carder family for the super fun time at your house. You all rock!

Movie night, November 20th at 7pm
Movie will be "Starship Troopers"(not very kid friendly)
Popcorn will be provided.
Bring a snack to share if you like.
7717 Sublimity Ave

Friday, October 22, 2004

Okay, so here it is.

Well, I really don't have anything to say, but just thought that was a cool way to start a blog.

The kids are going to a friends house to look through a telescope. Maybe they will learn something, or it will start a new unit study of sorts on stars or something. Or maybe they shouldn't go over to the kids house who's father shot a dog in the head. Hmmm, what to do.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

More stuff

God has a way of finding you when you aren't even aware that you are lost.

Okay, so I was going to try to write something but was interrupted by screams and yells and a bang in the neighborhood. I guess someone owns a pig, and the neighbor's dog got out and attacked it, and the neighbor on the other side of the house with the pig came out and shot the dog. Small kids live at the two houses with pets and from what I can tell saw it all happen. A very sad and strange moment of chaos. Okay, so part of me thinks it is almost funny too. Sorry, that is the demented side of me I guess.

On to other news. I had a good time meeting some new ladies at ladies night out. It was fun, and I hope to make it on the list for next time. The sad part, I think I was the oldest person there. I don't think that has ever happened to me before. Well, one time at this concert I took my niece to, I wasn't the oldest, but felt I was.

Hope to see some or all of you at the Carder Ranch for a good ol' time of knee slappin fun!

Friday, October 15, 2004


Time sure does fly. I was looking over some of the emails from India. What a blessing to have been there. I only wish I knew what to do next. I miss the people there. I miss the children's laughter and smiles. I miss Grandma Pushpa and Mahoney. I miss the sounds as well. Horns honking and animals wondering the streets. Such a blessing.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Dude, I'm tired!!

My team lost, but that is okay. I am used to it from last year. However, my experience at the game was saddened when just a couple of feet down from us a gang of about five started arguing with a guy and then the whole thing erupted into a fight of five against one. They beat the shit out of this poor guy, and he was carted off on a streacher, unconscious. Three of the five were arrested, and the other two and some of their friends were booted out.

Shad and I don't ever try to tell people that they shouldn't drink, or that beer is evil, but this sort of thing makes us feel as though there should be limits as to what is sold to people at events like this. There are people out there who just act like total ass holes when they drink because they probably have that little alcohol gene that says " I'm allergic to the stuff and freak out when I drink. " and these people who don't care to listen to it are the ones out there endangering the lives of so many because they don't know how to stop at just one or two.

In my opinion the people benefiting from the profits of sale are the evil ones because they know what their product is doing to people, and they are all just so money hungry that they could care less that this poor guy might be dead or barely alive. It is like people are just not feeling anymore. They have found a nice numb place, be it anger or beer or money or whatever, but they are numb and can care less about anything else but themselves and getting that thing that numbs them from the feeling world.( God in my opinion)

On our way out, more drunk guys were being arrested for fighting because one guy was a Raiders fan, the other a Chargers fan. Who gives a shit!!!!!???? This kind of thing hurts more than the person getting hit. The people who see it are affected as well. I am glad that we didn't bring the girls to this game. Then again, maybe the sight of stupid drunks acting a fool and getting arrested would help teach them a lesson. How anyone could be attracted to such bull shit is beyond me.

Needless to say, it will be a long time before we go to another game like that, and God forbid we should wear the wrong color, or vote for the other team or sit next to the stupid ass drunk guy who can't seem to accept that he has a problem with alcohol and turns into a drunken Super Ass because we have the wrong color on or vote for the other team.

Shad suggested they should do a stamp system or something so that people only get a limited number of drinks. They would never do it though because they would lose too much money. How sad but true. Enough said, you know how I feel.

The drive to California was so fast. It seemed like we just breezed in and out which was cool. My father had gotten us great seats and we were able to go to a private party where they had alumni of the Charger teams from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I have pictures that I will try to post. I might have to get some help first.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Road Trip!!!

Going to see my Jags in San Diego. A one day trip there and back. It has been a long time since we have done a road trip like this, and we will be tired I am sure, but it will be fun to get away alone, even if for only a day. Good old dad came through with tickets for my birthday. Once in a great while, he suprises me.

I watched the Debate and was thrilled to listen to Kerry make an ass of himself. (I can care less what you think as this is my opinion. ) I also went to see Shark Tale and it sucked as well. Not a kid friendly movie at all. Way too much adult humor for a kid flick amoung other things.

We will be missing you all at Apex. Sorry Joe, I have been brain washed by Shad and must go see my team beat the Chargers. ( And won't I be sad if I have to watch them lose. Yes, it could happen.)

Friday, October 08, 2004


I feel as though God is telling me to create something, or to be creative. So, I have decided to take up painting again. No, I am not going to go paint my livingroom again. I am talking about oil painting. I tried it out a couple of years ago, liked it a lot, and then other things got in the way. I would also like to take another pottery class. Pottery is my first love I think. I am not sure if this is exactly what He means, but it is a start.

I have been reading a book called "Benjamin Franklin" by Walter Isaacson and I am totally in awe of just how much the one man accomplished in his life. He was ordinary, yet extraordinary. Check it out. It is a bit wordy, but so interesting.

We are going to the Renaissance Fair today. Shad wants to buy a sword, and I just want to re-pierce my nose. It is going to be a fun day only Shad has to work. :( Darn, no sword!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Best Birthday Moments

Breakfast in bed made by my girls. (a bowl of cereal and two pieces of toast, and a glass of milk)

Listening to the girls giggle most of the day

Listening to some music that I haven't heard in a long time

The beauty and sweet smell of the dozen roses I was given by my awesome husband

That oh so sweet but thin slice of German Chocolate cake that was accompanied by a nice scoop of French Vanilla Fudge Pie ice cream. Yummy!!!!!!

Journaling in a room full of wonderful smelling candles that cast shadows of dancing flames all over the walls

What an awesome birthday! God Rocks!

Monday, October 04, 2004

The birthday song!

Happy Birthday to me,
I'm now 33,
Gonna celebrate with God,
Cause He created me!

Okay, it's a bit cheezie, but I'm not a poet and I know it.

Today I will celebrate life because that is what I feel we should be celebrating on days like this. Well, actually, we should celebrate it every day. So, enough said, I'm out of here!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Spent the whole day yesterday with my brother moving my mom. I have never seen so much "stuff" as she has in one little apartment. My legs are hurting from all of the walking back and forth, up and down the stairs. However, I am happy in the fact that she has a place to live and it is not in my house. :)