Thursday, October 20, 2005

It is all about tests and trust

The study I am doing is pretty cool. I was a little critical of it at first, but I am really learning a lot. Like it isn't all about me, at all. It is all about God, and I need to be thinking about what the driving forces in my life are. Like is it greed, or envy or the longing for acceptance? How about anger or fear? And have you ever thought about how we are only a blink in this life? But did you forget that God wants us to live forever in eternity with him? I honestly never really thought about it all that much. I was always too busy worrying about me in the here and now. And the thought that God is always testing us, and has trusted us with all of His creations. Wow, never thought about it that way either. I mean, I know we are tested at times, but never thought about it all being a test in this life for the next. And God trusts me? Whoa!

I listened to 1 Corinth. Last night and heard a lot of what I needed to hear about some of my issues. The one that stuck out big time was when it said that we will always be tempted, but God will always give us a way out. Think about it, every time you have been tempted, there was always another way to go and although we might not have made the better choice, God was right there by our sides seeing what we would do. That's kind of freaky. Like he is always watching us and stuff.

And the craziest part? He loves us anyway, no matter the choices that we make. Even when we do the really stupid things.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what was on my brain today. Hope your day is filled with the constant reminder of Gods love for you.