Friday, January 07, 2005

Snow in Vegas!

There is just something unique about snow in Vegas. First, it is the desert, and yes, it snows in the desert. Most people seem to forget that. But it doesn't happen all that often, so everyone gets excited. And it is exciting! My neighborhood is slowly being covered with a blanket of white. It is very peaceful to watch. The girls have already been out playing with the dog in it. I went out and looked up and dodged the flakes. That was really cool. Then I made some hot cocoa.

I am hoping that it lasts all day and night because I really love it. Shad thinks I am crazy because I said I would love to live in Ohio where it snows like crazy all of the time. Yes, it would probably get old after a while, but I would live it none the less. Just like I love the heat of the desert. Isn't God awesome?

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Jenn Clark said...

Sherry you would not want to live in Ohio when you get things like Ice storms. We had 4 inches of ice come down then snow on top 2 days before Christmas. Our house lost power for the day, but others lost it for long. If it was just snow it would have been beautiful and great. The thing about Ohio is you just never know what your going to get. I love living here but I still miss the clear skies in Vegas. I miss you all too. Have a great day. Jenn