Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just Stuff

The places we could end up are around and near San Francisco, and so we are cool with that.

The book we read for book club was good. I am hoping to hear from those of you still interested in getting together to discuss it. It is the last week of July and so we need to plan a meeting.

I had a great time listening to a youth group pastor tonight talking about the kids he ministers to and a trip they took camping. Most of these kids are super talented musically. I was floored. They all seemed to have had a profound trip. Reminds me of my first outing with Apex. Well, sort of.

God has been showing me a lot these days. Most of all He is showing me more about love. Love for His children. His love for me. I am such an ass, yet he loves me anyway. I screw up all of the time, and am a total sinner, but His love is always there. And He is always giving me choices, and I am constantly making the wrong ones. I am working on it though. Because He loves me so much, I am able to start making better choices. I still make wrong ones, (who doesn't) but am doing better.

I pray that you start seeing Gods love for you. Then, lets start spreading the love.

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Kelly said...

I just got the book (finally) from the library a couple of days ago! It took longer than I thought it would to come in. I'm a fast reader, though, so I should be ready in a week or so. How's everyone else coming alng?