Friday, April 29, 2005

HPN sucks!!!

So my cousin who I pray for often (because of his alcohol and drug abuse) finally decided he needed help. He has lost everything, and now is finally ready. So I take him to Monte Vista, and they call his insurance, and good old HPN says, "You have to see a doctor first to be evaluated." so they make him an appointment for the following day. THE NEXT DAY!?! What in the hell do you mean! He needs help now, is ready now, and you make him wait?

So, I can't believe it and call them myself. Yep, but" we can get him in first thing in the morning, just hang on, ....................... okay he can see Mr. so and so at 1pm tomorrow afternoon."


Okay, I keep me thoughts and voice to myself, and then find a Psychologist who will see him right away. He is evaluated and the Psychologist writes a letter stating that he needs to be let in to Monte Vista right away. COOL! Finally, someone who cares enough to help guide him to follow through on his decision. He will finally get the help he needs. God is rocking!!!

So, now it's back to Monte Vista and they take the paper, call HPN and guess what? SORRY, NO CAN DO! He didn't see an HPN doctor, oh, but he can go to the ER and see a doctor there who has nothing to do with HPN either and get admitted. Guess the licensed Doctor of psychology doesn't really know a thing about psychology. What a bunch of crap!


So all night long I am praying that he doesn't kill himself because that is what he said he was afraid of doing and why he wanted to go in right away. And I keep wondering why God would put so many road blocks in the way of his decision to get help. I find out today that he ended up going to UMC and is in the Cardiac Unit because they are worried about his heart. He has been there all night, and will be there for a few more days.

So I am tempted to think that even though the insurance people are fucked up, ignorant jerks, God's agenda is what is happening. He couldn't have gone in last night because he needed to go to the hospital.

Sometimes, I just don't understand, but I have got to learn to trust God.

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