Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Following Through, the story

Follow through. It is a big issue in this house. Thanks dad! Yep, I blame him. Why? Well, I sometimes feel that due to his lack of follow through in his marriage to my mother that it launched an idea in my head that following through is not necessary in life. If you follow through, okay, if not no big deal. I mean, life goes on and we all get through it some how right?

That thought in my head was not practiced by me too often though. Thankfully I had my mother constantly on me about the things she thought were important for me to follow through with. Like school for instance. Had I dropped out, well, in the direction I was headed back in the day, I would probably be dead right now. But thanks to mom for pushing me forward, even if her methods were a little different than most.

Anyway, I had this little melt down last night because my kids are bad with follow through in certain areas. I blame myself of course. Most of them are the same areas I have issues with, like cleaning up my room and doing laundry. Yes, my room still has clothes on the floor and hangers everywhere, and my bed is rarely ever made. We just go sleep in it and mess it up at the end of the day anyway right? wink, wink, winkety- wink!

So, today I had a long talk with my kids (because I am great with lectures thanks to dad again) and spoke with them about why I feel strongly about them learning to follow through on things. The conversation went really great and I think they understood better why I nag them about certain things like cleaning their bathroom and throwing out the trash in their rooms. Anyway, they followed through on a few things this morning and that just made me happy. And I too followed through on a few things I had been putting off. It felt great to get them done. And it showed my kids that we all have things to work on no matter what our age or hair color. :b

Follow through. It is an issue in this house, but we are working on it and one day, it will be history.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun at the Fair

We had a great day at the fair on Friday. There were tons of rides and exhibits, as well as creepy carny people. We spent almost seven hours there and still didn't see everything there was to see. Before we left we stopped for funnel cake topped with apples and whipped cream and super yummy fudge which Shad hid when we got home. It was one of the best family days we have had in a while. And because we live so close to where the fair is, we were able to stand outside our house and watch the fireworks! It was an expensive outing, but well worth it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

It's a new day

Well, the family got back safe on Monday. I was happy to have some noise in the house other then me talking to myself and the dog. And some how I managed to get my living rooms clean again before they were home. I also managed to clean up the upstairs without too much distraction. Shocking I know.

I finished another class last night and have a new one starting this Thursday. It is so cool to have them going so fast. The last class was really fun, and I learned a lot which is good since learning something is the point. Next is a history class which I am looking forward to.

So I was thinking about all of the things my girls did this school year that most would consider school and I was wondering if they learned enough. Then I started putting together this photo album of shots from various events we attended and classes the girls took and I realized that they learned a ton this year. So, now I am thinking I should do a photo album for every year so I can be reminded of all of the fun stuff we did and all of the things the girls learned. That way I won't freak out and go buy tons of curriculum we don't need or won't use. As of now I have the planned curriculum stuff for next year up on the shelf and I was thinking it was looking a little thin. And actually that is a good thing. Too much curriculum turns them off to leaning. (Something I have to remind myself of often)

The County Fair starts here today and we are going after Shad gets home from work. I am excited to take pictures of the girls on the rides. We bit the bullet and bought unlimited ride passes for them this year. I am also excited to see the exhibits and find the person in charge so I can get our home school group involved for next year. There are a ton of talented kids out there in the home schooling world you know. I will share pictures when we get home.

So we are about to take off to the art studio so the girls can finish a project they started in a class they took a couple of weeks ago. They made wind chimes out of clay. They are going to be awesome! I can't wait to hang them up. Maybe I will share a picture of that too.

Hope your day is filled with fun and laughter!
Peace people

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A look into my head. Scary!

Two days left before the family gets back and I have taken a cleaning spree and turned it into an obsessive compulsive mess. You see, after waiting two days for the carpets to dry, I was finally able to get the living rooms put back together. (Our house has two right next to each other for some reason).

S0 I moved on to the upstairs and was cleaning upstairs when the phone rang. Since we have two cordless phones and can only locate one right now (which we keep down stairs by the kitchen), I had to run down to answer it.

After the conversations was over, I looked at the book cases while passing by and decided that I needed to go through our books and down size a bit. Like right now! So I started taking all of the books down and piled them up on the floor. In the middle of this I decided that I wanted to move a little bit of furniture so I moved the piano over (yes, I moved a piano by myself) and brought in the book case. At this point I decided I would make this book case my school book case for the girls and started arranging books on it when I realized that I needed to go through my school materials and possibly get rid of some stuff. So I went into the den and started dragging out a bunch of school books and such. Now, I have books everywhere, things piles on the floor, furniture moved here and there, and my upstairs cleaning still isn't done!

After starting with this nice clean slate, I have turned it into a total mess by being so easily distracted. Sometimes I wonder what causes my brain to switch channels so easily.

I bet you can guess what I am going to go do right now. Yep, do the dishes, oh and I have to get the bills done! And there is the laundry, but I should go get some lunch...................................

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Isn't that just grape juice?

So my week is working out well. Even though I miss my family, I am managing just fine. Yesterday evening I had a meeting that went well but a bit long. Afterwards I took the opportunity with no kids to go shopping for myself. I bought two pair of sandals and two outfits. It was nice to say the least. Later, I had dinner and watched some tele and finally made my way to bed around one. An over all nice and relaxing day.

This morning I woke up to Hailey's alarm going off at around 6:30am. I was sure I had turned that thing off yesterday. Anyway, I got up, cleaned the hallway clear of the clutter, vacuumed the hall and the stairs and then went down to have breakfast. While eating, I sat by the window and watched outside in between journaling. A very quiet and productive morning. At around nine the carpet cleaner guy showed up. He was a pretty pleasant fellow who found a way to mention that he was recently divorce during our conversation. That struck me as kind of weird. He went on to tell me about how he had to move out and find a place in Livermore. He had found a great home for rent that was very reasonable. And eventually he began telling me about how he works hard every day but always takes time to spend time with his son who is spoiled rotten by his mother.

Is anyone else wondering why this total stranger whom I had only just met was telling me his life story? Well I was totally wondering that myself during his visit. Later on, after thinking about it, I had a little realization if you will. This is why I am in school to become a counselor of some sort. It is totally my calling. As long as I can remember people have been coming to me to tell me all about their problems and about their lives. Even total strangers whom I have only just met. And I don't even try to pry into their lives, they just dish it out. It's bizarre really. And I just listen. I don't offer advice in anyway, I just listen and nod and give a "u-huh" or a "Oh, I see" and that's about it. Okay, sometimes I do give some advice, when asked for it. And sometimes I will share a relating story or two if I feel it is right to share. It was just a very real confirming message to me that I am doing the right thing.

So the other day I went to Trader Joe's to find some of my favorite snacks that I get to have to my self this week, and I came upon non-alcoholic wine. Yep, the label says it has been de-alcoholized. They totally made that up right? I mean, isn't non-alcoholic wine just grape juice? But here I sit with a glass of red non-alcoholic wine and it tastes great. I used to drink wine all of the time way back when, and then gave it up. I am so glad I can now have a glass once in a while without all of the nasty effects. Who knew?

Keep the peace people!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This sucks!

My husband and my children are currently in Vegas about to embark on another plane ride that will take them to Indiana where they will rent a car and drive into Ohio. Me? I am here at home in Northern California, with the dog, and the turtles. Yep, I thought this would be a nice break, but this totally SUCKS!!!!!!

I had Mackenzie on the phone overly tired and hysterical last night wanting me there with her. Yep, I had flash backs to when I used to take her to daycare and she would be smooshing her little chubby face on the glass while crying for me, hands stretched out and clawing at the glass. I felt like such a bad parent for leaving her there and I feel like a bad mom for not being with her now.

However, let this be a lesson to those of you out there who spend every waking moment with your kids. One day you too will go through this kind of stress. It will suck, but it will also teach you many things. It will teach your kids many things as well.

So my phone conversation this morning went something like this:

"Hey Mackenzie, how are you today?"


"You were pretty tired last night weren't you?"


"So, everything going better today?"

"Yep. Daddy bought me some disposable cameras. Here's Hailey."

And that was that. See, kids get tired and totally out of control some times. But they are quick to forget you when things are fine and they have had their rest. (And daddy just bought them some disposable cameras). It's all good now.

And me? Well, I hate to miss out on things, but I am glad to have some time to myself. As a matter of fact, I think I will take advantage of getting to go to the mall alone. Yep, I have a meeting tonight and the meeting spot is right next door to the mall.
And it just so happens that my favorite store is having a sale. The candle store is my favorite store (since you asked). I will get to brows the candles and not be interrupted or hurried. It's going to be nice. And it will help me prepare for my next round with the tired cranky kids that will certainly call me later tonight.

Friday, June 08, 2007

From Paris to Ohio?

I am so glad to see someone finally put a public figure who broke the law behind bars like they should! Yep, I am totally talking about Paris. Sometimes it takes tuff love to make a much needed, totally over due point! Did you see her face? That shot was priceless. Perhaps this will be a little wake up call to the rest.

Enough about that. I just had to share.

It's Friday and the girls are done with piano and we have started getting them packed for their trip to OHIO! I am also currently making plans for my week without them. I have all kinds of wonderful plans such as going to school, getting the carpets cleaned, and having the piano tuned. I know, I should make plans for a movie or something. Maybe I will, and for a pedicure too. But this seems like the best time to get all of these other things done as well. I also plan on getting the front porch cleaned up so I can sit out there with a book or my journal in the evenings. Right now it is covered in dust and leaves and little spider webs. I'm going to be busy!

I could sit here and write all day, but I think I better get some other things done first.

peace people!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hailey and Mackenzie make the perfect geeks when they want to. I love these pictures! We were at the art studio and one of the other kids there had these glasses. They were all trying them on and started to behave like crazies as soon as they did. It was so funny. They were magic glasses! :)
From these pics you wouldn't think we were having too bad of a day, but I really fell into a funk later on in the afternoon. A deep and dark funk that I have not seen in a long while. I was headed that way again this morning as I was laying in bed with the covers up over my head desperately trying to fall back to sleep in order to not face the day, until I suddenly jumped up and told myself that I wasn't going to go through this. I would not tick, tick, tick, let my time fly by with me doing nothing so I jumped up and came down stairs and started laundry. It was busy work and I was able to think while folding. I came to the conclusion that I was just not going to go down that dark road today, and that I would just abruptly change direction and flee. Let it pursue me! I will throw down on it later and kick it's ass to the curb!!!!!
So, later I will have to concentrate on getting a paper written that I have due tomorrow night, but for now, I am going to concentrate on other things. Some of my favorites actually; Hailey and Mackenzie.
Peace my friends.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another lazy day...

for just sitting around and doing nothing. Well, actually we went to art class this morning, and the girls did some free drawing projects. They were really cool. After that we came home for lunch and talked. I did make a trip to the post office with Mackenzie to mail some letters, and well, that is about all I have accomplished in the way of errands today. It is a lazy day.

I'll share a story:

A few moments ago, I went outside to grab some leaves off of the tree and right there on the steps was a huge lizard! And I almost stepped on him! He was just sitting there and had his eyes closed, so I bent down to get a closer look and noticed that he was missing an arm. One of his front arms was just gone! And for a moment I thought he might be dead and started to reach out to touch him.

But then I thought, if he was dead, then why is he only missing an arm you know? If I was a bird and I was going after this lizard and had wounded him, I would go in for the kill and eat him all up, not just run off with his arm. I mean, a bird has got to eat right? So I decided that he must be trying to fake me out. He was probably sitting there with his arm under him and his eyes closed praying I wasn't a giant bird about to eat him for supper. Like I would see him missing his arm and feel sorry for him and just leave him be.

I turned around and went in to get my camera just then because I had this thought that I could take a picture and send it to one of the Carder kids and have him identified, but when I came back he was gone. He was faking me out! Wasn't he? Then I actually sat there and wondered if I truly had even seen this lizard. Perhaps I made the whole thing up. But just then the bush rattled and I knew I wasn't crazy. :) But I never got his picture. And I am still not sure if he really was missing an arm.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just sitting here in my PJ's with socks on and a sweatshirt too. It is cold in the den. I have had the windows open at night for the last three months to save on our power bill and at night I freeze! But it is worth every penny we save. The house fills with cold air at night, and in the morning we close the windows to trap it all in. We stay cool all day and then we open them in the evening. Last summer we had a bill that was over $400. We were just so used to having the air on all of the time from living in Vegas. That bill brought me to my senses though. I have come to realize that we can live without using the air or the heat. People did it before us. We are just spoiled rotten.

We all went to a water park today. Actually, it is a little park area with a man made lake and some water slides. Mackenzie wasn't sure about going on the water slides, so I told her she could ride with me. I figured it would make us go slower and she would see that they are really a lot of fun. Boy was I wrong! Not only did it make us go faster, we almost had a blow out on one of the walls, and Mackenzie was screaming "I want to stop, I want to stop!" the whole way down. Right before we came to the end, there was this huge drop off and I knew immediately that when we landed in the pool Mackenzie was going to go way under, so I held on to her so I could make sure to pop her up out of the water as quickly as possible. We both went way under and took in a bunch of water up the nose. She was still holding her breath as I held her up out of the water and I had to keep telling her she was alright before she would breath. As you can imagine, that was our only ride on the water slides. But Hailey, Shad, and Hailey's friend had a great time. Mackenzie and I sat and watched them the rest of the time we were there.

Updates on family for those who care:
Gram in Vegas starts her third round of chemo this Tuesday. She is hanging in there, but getting tired. Grandma in Ohio isn't doing well, but is hanging in there as well. Shad and the girls go to see her next week. It's going to be quiet around here. No new news to share on the sister-in-law.

The girls have just gone to bed so I should go say good night.
Keep the peace!

Friday, June 01, 2007

more stuff

Just thought I would share some more photos. Hailey at the park, a picture from the train ride, and one of art class.

I am planning a few trips. One to the beach in Half Moon Bay, one to the zoo in Oakland, and another to China Town in down town San Fran. There are a ton of places on the list that we want to explore, but these are on the top of that list for now. It will be a fun summer. I will share pics as we get them.
Keep the peace people!