Sunday, August 28, 2005

Taking some time to myself before Shad has to leave. There is a lot to do in the next three months so I am trying to get things done a little every day. It's hard to believe that we will be living in San Francisco before Christmas. I am excited though.

We took a walk to the Orchard the other day and we found the largest zucchini I have ever seen and it cost me a whopping $0.40!!!! I love that place!

So the girls start school this week officially and I am so very glad that we don't have to fall into the whole "Back to school Sale" crap. What a rip off. Let's jack our prices up and then knock them down to what they would be if you bought them for full price so you feel like you are getting a deal. I have to admit that we do go out and buy up all of the crayons and markers we can find though. Okay, I am sad.

Because we are moving, we have to learn the new Home Schooling rules for California. They seem to me easy, but in such a liberal state, I am going to find some back up in the way of HSLDA as they seem to have a home schoolers back when in need.

I have to thank Amy for introducing me to home schooling. It brought MacKenzie and I together, and has just made my relationship so much better with my kids. I used to yell, and get frustrated and have melt downs, but now I listen, they listen, we communicate. Hailey tells me everything and I mean everything. They ask questions about everything and are interested in learning about all that they can. I love that! I learn along with them and we get to experience so much together. I know it isn't for everyone, but I sometimes think and wish it could be. One day they are all grown up and living their own lives away from us. I want to take advantage of the time I have with my children. I want to develop the best relationships I can with them before they are grown. It isn't always a cake walk, but mostly it is. Praise God for home schooling!

I will stop my soap box now. Time to fold some laundry. Oh Joy!

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