Monday, October 17, 2005


I remember taking my tent out in my backyard and finding a nice flat spot in the dirt, setting it up and playing in it all day and night. Well, until the dog pissed on it and I had to go find a hose to wash it off with. That part sucked, but the rest was very cool. Of course I was by myself, but I had a lot of fun anyway.

Tonight, my girls are sleeping in the backyard, in a tent, in the rain. Funny, because as soon as they started telling me how they wanted to get a tent so they could sleep outside, I couldn't say no. I remembered my adventure and couldn't deny them the experience and fun. I mean, life is uncertain, and things happen. Why not live a little? I am tempted to go out there and sleep with them, however I want them to have the time to be together. Mackenzie said that when the lightning pops and the thunder roars, they hug until it is safe. Earlier I heard them wrestling. God is so awesome.

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