Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My mother is in the hospital with pneumonia. My cousin, his wife and baby were evicted and are now living in a weekly place. The little girl who lives with her grandmother (because her mother is a drug addict) is not getting the counseling she needs, and her grandmother is not taking her medicine and still smoking like a chimney. Life, it is sometimes ugly. It is sometimes hard. Sometimes I wish I had millions of dollars so I cold help ease the pain of hurting people. Take the people in all of the tsunami areas. People with no food or water, not to mention a place to live. But would money really make it all better? Would it ease the pain of the children who have lost their mothers and fathers? Is money going to get that little girl's mother to stop taking drugs? No.

I am just rambling. Thoughts fill my head, I let them slip with no real destination. It's all good.
Sometimes I sit here looking out my window wondering why so many of us are just sitting here looking out our windows. My heart wants to help hurting people, but I feel as though I am limited as to what I can do. And while all of these people in the world are suffering, I sit here being too lazy to get my house clean and my work done. I feel like what I do sometimes isn't enough. Like I should be doing more for Him. I know I should be doing more. How sad it is that bad things have to happen to make us open our eyes and minds to the more important things in life. And funny it is that the only important thing is Him and our love for Him. Why do we make everything so complicated all of the time?

So these pigeons just walked up to my front door to take a bath in the water that is falling from my roof. One is just tooting around in the rocks doing the chicken neck thing. That was weird.

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