Friday, February 11, 2005

Okay, we will meet at Mountain Crest Park (thanks Hidi) on Durango and Lone Mountain on the 5th of March around one. If you would like to, bring the kids, and if the day is yucky, we will go some place else.

If you plan on going, please have a book in mind for next month as I would like to have us all take turns in picking a book to read.

On other news, there are some cool things going on at my web site for my Mary Kay. Check it out if you like.

By the way, mom is doing fine. She is back home and back to her old self. And dad has invited me to visit him next month. That could be interesting. I was taught how to hit golf balls at the driving range last Tuesday. My brother invited me, and he taught me how. It is kind of cool, I always thought golf was boring, but it's fun. And, I'm not bad (so my brother says) so maybe I will keep going.

Prayers for Jeremy, Joe, the whole Carder family, cousin Chuck, Tara, Kristy, Joan, and well, my list could go on. Guess I will just leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry,
I changed my blog address... i didnt want it to have my full name, so if you would like to read what boring things i have to say =o) here is the new address

Anonymous said...

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