Monday, May 16, 2005


I didn't want to go to church last night, because it was going to suck. Four of the most beautiful people in our community (in my opinion)are going to be leaving us. That just plain sucks! And as always, I went because God said so, and as always, I was taught some valuable lessons from the word of Joe.

That is what I call it, the word of Joe. It really is just the words of God flowing from his lips. He opens his mouth and God gives you a what for and a how to every time. It never fails, I always learn something from what Joe has to say. That has been the hardest part for me. He speaks the words of God so perfectly and yet we don't get to hear it any more. When I first heard Joe speak about God, it totally changed me, and saved me from a very dark place. And Deb has such a huge heart of gold, and a voice like an angel. I love Joe and Deb and their awesome kids. It sucks to see them go.

And as always, God has a plan that is greater than us all, so it only makes sense that Joe and Deb would take His words and plant them some place else. God didn't bring us all together to just teach to US. To keep us locked in one place to keep His words to ourselves. He wants us to spread His love everyday in every way. Even if that means becoming an actor and moving to L.A.

You all are loved so very much and you always have a home in Vegas. (Or where ever we end up in years to come)

Soooo, enough already!

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