Monday, September 19, 2005


Yep, Kenzie has it and my poor baby had to get a shot in the ass. It hurt her and she cried and that just sucked. I wanted to slap the nurse at first, but then remembered when I had a job like hers. It sucks to be the one to have to deliver bad news or have to stab someone with a needle.

So, after a full day at the doctors, we finally got to come home. I have another week of activities to cancel, and a mountain of laundry to do to make sure we all don't get sick. Not to mention the fact that I am trying to sort through things and store things and move shit and find a house in a place I have never been to, do a job I can hardly concentrate on, all while teaching my children something everyday so we don't fall behind in school. Yep, I am totally dumping my crap all over this thing. Sometimes you just have to throw up all of the shit on your mind. Did I mention that I broke a toe? I know, whaaaaaah!

Good things: we have made some progress on the rooms upstairs, we have narrowed down the areas we need to be looking for a house in, and Shad will be here in less than two weeks for a visit. Hey Zack, if you are out there, PLEASE BUY OUR TV SO I CAN FIX UP MY LIVING ROOM!!!! PLEASE!!!!! and I just know that there are a lot of you out there who would love to come over and do some painting with me right?

On other news, well, I don't have a whole lot of other news. Just whinning and a longing for a night out.

Love to all

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Cheryl said...

Girls' Night out is October 9th-Macayos-they have margaritas there (that's one of the major reasons we picked it!) hope to see you there!