Monday, September 12, 2005

Our new additions to the family...

Welcome Little Baby and Tiny to our family. They are the girls new turtles that just arrived home tonight. They are so small, and cute.

Oh, right, don't tell Shad because he doesn't know yet. It's kind of like a surprise!!!!!

If you know me and live around here and have kids who would like to come over and take a look, let me know. This has been a great education for my kids and has caused them to have to work together. I am loving it.

Some turtle facts that we learned:
The shell is made out of bone. It is an external skeleton. There are tons of different kinds, some that look very funky. They need warmth, water and eat all kinds of veggies. You shouldn't keep a turtle in a glass tank without covering three of the four sides, otherwise the turtle doesn't feel safe and some have been known to smack their heads into the glass enough to hurt. Turtle insanity!!! You can measure the growth of your turtle by tracing it on a piece of paper every month. You can also almost tell how old a turtle is by counting the rings on its scutes. Scutes are the sections of the outer shell. They are ectothermic, or cold-blooded.

Like I said, we learned a lot.

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