Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Christmas

We took a road trip to Vegas for Christmas and it was awesome. I ended up driving most of the way and it wasn't that bad. Then, on the first night we got in I went with Shonna to help feed some homeless Vets Christmas dinner. That was the most awesome experience. So many stories, and the kids put a smile on every face. One of the vets said that they saw God's love in the kids smiles. How great is that? I would have to say that my time there was the best part of my Christmas.

We never were able to make it to the Carder Ranch as we had so many things going on with family. However, we did see the pictures on Amy's blog and oh my! We missed a good party. And Oh my goodness, welcome to the world Noi!!!!!! What an awesome surprise to see your picture! I wish we would have had more time to visit everyone.

The plan for today is going to Park Day in Livermore to meet some of our new homeschooling family. My prayer is for the girls to get connected with a few friends this week. I am also in the process of getting Mackenzie hooked up on a soccer team.

I am still not sure why God placed us here, but I am trying to get this house ready for visitors. I feel like that is the mission I need to be on right now. We love you all, and miss you. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where does all the rain go?

It has rained for two days now and I keep wondering where all of the rain is going. I mean, in Vegas is just collects in to a huge flood and we get all kinds of news on it, but here it just seems to never collect very much. Weird.

I think I am finally starting to have a little bit of reality hitting me. I woke up thinking I was in Vegas, and then I caught myself wishing I could see the awesome mountains that Vegas is surrounded by.

We found Target, and this Cost Plus World Market that has all of these cool things from all round the world. It is way expensive though, so Shad made me leave the store. Party pooper!

My first purchase here for the house was a new shower head. Ours is a little worn for such a nice house. I need prayer as I am constantly looking at all of the items that still need a home and not finding the interest to put them some place out of the way.

Do kids get louder as they get older? I don't remember ever being louder, but my girls are so loud these days. It really is getting on my nerves, and is damaging my hearing as I have to turn on the radio really loud now. But then, we are supposed to loose our hearing as we get older, right?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Baby it's cold outside

I am not sure, but I think it is in the 40's today, and there is rain. I might even put on a fire in a little bit to warm us up a little. Northern California is nice, but they sure make it hard to live here. We went to get our new California drivers license today and was told that we had to have a copy of our marriage cert. and a copy of our birth cert. Which seemed wierd. On line it just said you had to fill out a form and pay a fee. We also have to take some kind of written test. I guess it is nice to know your $25 is paying for something.

The last few weeks have flown by and I am still trying to come to grips with us living here. I feel as though we are on vacation. It still has not hit me or something. I have to say I am super happy to be here away from my mother. I miss friends and family, but boy am I happy here.

I signed up on Yahoo with our new home school group and am planning to invite people over as soon as I get the boxes emptied and out of the living room. Unpacking isn't all that fun, but it is nice to reorganize things and get rid of stuff we really don't need anymore.

Shad is doing well so far with work, and I am going to attempt to drive around this week to learn my way around to the different freeways so I can take the girls to some of the home school events. I don't know where San Ramone is but we are going to find it so Mackenzie can play soccer this year. There is an indoor team starting in January for home schoolers. Kicking a ball around will be great for her.

Our dog is smelling everything all of the time. She has been so good through this whole thing and loves to go out for walks. I took her to the park yesterday and she was so happy.

I have to go, and will write more later.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We leave this Sunday! How did it get here so fast? I am happy, excited and yet sad to be leaving the desert. I have lived here all of my life and now we are going to a new place. It is just wierd.

The movers will be here tomorrow to pack us up, then they take off with our crap on Thursday, and we end up at the in-laws for a couple of days. I don't like good-byes. There are always tears involved, and then tissue and then a mixture of sad and happy laughter. Hugs are good, and knowing that we can always come back to visit is nice. I am really going to miss church family, and home schooling friends, my nieces and nephews, and my vegas family.

Well, I will stop all of that talk for now. Shad is in morning over the loss of his beloved huge ass television. It went out the door last night never to return. (Thank you so, so, so, so, much Zack! ) I am trying to be supportive, but it is not easy.

Our car is all messed up I guess, and we had to choose between a $300 fix and the other $1200 fix which would be the air, so we decided to go with the $300 fix and live without air. I figure we don't really need it in Northern California right? I am also kind of glad we didn't sell it. It has been the best care ever. And most of all, it is paid for. I like having no payments.

Well, I am off to check on Mackenzie as she has a flu bug going on, and I have some packing to do. Pray for our family if you wouldn't mind.

More later........

Friday, December 02, 2005


I am sitting in a hotel room in Walnut Creek. It sure is different here in Northern Cal. The weather is awesome, and the green is a nice change, but the traffic sucks and everything costs a f*^&%$g arm and a leg.

We found a house to rent in Pleasanton that is beautiful, but expensive of course. We will have to live on soup and crackers for a while, like about the next four years, but I am glad to do it if it allows us to stay in such a great area.

We went to Alcatarz today and it is way bigger than I thought. The cells are very small and the place is kind of creepy, but it has some great views of the city and the Golden Gate. We drove over all three bridges today as well. That was really cool. Clam chowder in a sour dough bowl rocks too!

The one thing that kind of sucks is that we will have to leave on Saturday instead of Monday to the new house. Shad has to be at work on Wednesday the 14th and we have to do an inspection on the 12th. It is crazy how fast it is all going.

Guess I will go and pack for our trip back home tomorrow. We are leaving early becuse we have all things ready to go on this end. Now to get all of the things ready on the other.

Can't wait to see the Carders, and holy crap!!!!!!! Congrats Steve and Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to hear of the happy day that the little one arrives!