Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good morning

I am finally feeling better. I was very tired from our trip. The best part of Sea World was petting the dolphins. They are so cool to watch. And the Clydesdales ( my spelling has got to be wrong on that one.) are huge.

At the Zoo, well, I really loved the Giraffe. They are amaizing creatures. Oh, and the Galapogose Turtles were very cool too. I watched as one lifted itself up on all four legs and streached it's head way up to reach a leaf on a tree. The gorilla were giant as well. I would hate to meet one of them in the wild.

It was great to see the ocean again too. I miss it. The girls were finding all kinds of shells and collecting seaweed for hours. I got to take a nap and a walk.

God is great!

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