Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Thanks for joining in Hidi!

The book is for us to read this month, and we will be getting together on March 5, 2005 at one in the afternoon at the park on Durango and Craig. I will have the actual name posted later today and will have better directions. I checked the library web site for the book and most of them had them checked out. I will be checking at a couple of other places to see if I can just pick up a couple of copies. Let me know if you need one!

I was thinking about taking notes from our book discussions and posting them here on my blog. Just a thought, so we shall see.

Happy reading!

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hisheidi said...

The park is called Mountain Crest Park if it's the one I think you are thinking of. The cross streets are Durango and Lone Mountain. I will purchase a copy of the book, so I am set. See you on the 5th. If it is a crappy day, we could all pile in my house, since I am a walk away from the park.