Thursday, July 14, 2005

The hunt for a job by October!

Okay, I just thought that up. (you get it right? Hunt for Red October, Hunt for a job by.....) Good huh? Maybe I could get a job in advertising! RIIIIGGHHTT!

So how's it going? Good, good.

I started reading the book club book finally as I just picked it up today at Target Greatland. I am liking it so far, but I am only one chapter in. Perhaps the book club will spill over to San Fran once we get there.

So I got to see Tara today. She is the little girl with the screwed up life. Her mom was given a chance, and was doing really well. Not so well now though. Mom is screwing up again. It is sad and makes no sense to me the one side of the story that I hear. I don't get the full story and so I have to fill in the gaps and just trust that God is working in this case. Tara said she loved us and that she misses us very much. Just kick me in the heart!

Pray, pray, pray that this little girl is taken care of. And for her mother who seems to have trouble with alcohol and drugs and a questionable mental state.

So how about those Boyds huh? Just up and running off to California like that. Who do they think they are? Oh, we are going to do the same. Right on!

Pray for my brother as well, for his broken hand and wrist, for his broken heart, and for his children. Yep, I could write books about the crap in my family. You too huh? Cool. Maybe one day we can get togther and combine stories for some really great reading. I would have to learn how to spell though. Nawwwwwww!!!!

Love you all.

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