Thursday, November 10, 2005

I am sitting here thinking, wow, this house is bigger than we thought. That is because we took out all of the crap we had, now I can really see just how much crap we have that we don't need. Living with less is nice. Living with less with Shad will be torture. Okay, not really. Well, it might be. He is very much into his stuff.

So the house is for sale, the car is for sale, and the TV is sold!!!!!!!(I am so very happy about the last one.)

So we leave for Maryland in another week and I am so excited because we get to go to the White House while we are in DC and we get to go inside and check it out. My kids are going to love it! They are so excited about it.

Hey Amy, I am going to Trader Joes, anything you need? I have a box ready to send out to you! Just name it and I will send it if it is poss.

Peace and love to you today!

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Amy said...

Just hold up. I'll be in Vegas in like three weeks! YAHOOOO! Thanks so much for thinking about me though! Can't wait to see you.

I know of a great hotel in D.C. if you don't already have one. It's super close to the subway and has a full kitchen all for a great (D.C.) price.