Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where does all the rain go?

It has rained for two days now and I keep wondering where all of the rain is going. I mean, in Vegas is just collects in to a huge flood and we get all kinds of news on it, but here it just seems to never collect very much. Weird.

I think I am finally starting to have a little bit of reality hitting me. I woke up thinking I was in Vegas, and then I caught myself wishing I could see the awesome mountains that Vegas is surrounded by.

We found Target, and this Cost Plus World Market that has all of these cool things from all round the world. It is way expensive though, so Shad made me leave the store. Party pooper!

My first purchase here for the house was a new shower head. Ours is a little worn for such a nice house. I need prayer as I am constantly looking at all of the items that still need a home and not finding the interest to put them some place out of the way.

Do kids get louder as they get older? I don't remember ever being louder, but my girls are so loud these days. It really is getting on my nerves, and is damaging my hearing as I have to turn on the radio really loud now. But then, we are supposed to loose our hearing as we get older, right?

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Amy said...

Ummm..You didn't have to go all the way to San Fran to find Cost Plus. There's one on Rainbow and Smoke Ranch.

Missing you, hope to see you at Christmas.