Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I love this time of the year here. It is so nice and hot and it really reminds you to be thankful for the shade and the trees that make it.

The book club meeting will be announced soon so keep an eye open for it.

If you could be a character in the new Star Wars movie, who would you be?

I would be Yoda! He rocks! He rocks so hard!


Cheryl said...

I would be C3PO. "We're doomed." That sounds about like me.

Amy said...

To be honest I've only seen the first was that the last 3? Anyway...while we're pretending I'll be whoever is 5 foot 8 and size 4!!

Tera said...

most of the time i have to act out the character for which ever color light saber i am handed to play with my kids. i am NOT a jedi master, they tell me. i'd have to choose padme. she loves passionately and is heart broken when she is betrayed.