Saturday, March 05, 2005


Wow! What a read! I am so thankful for God leading me to this book. What an amazing story and oh how it allows a person stir inside. I want to say thank you to Hidi for stepping out of her comfort zone (wink, wink) and braving the elements to spend time talking about this book. It was awesome just hanging out with you and listening to the way this book touched you. I can't wait till next month!

Well folks, this is your chance to get the book and read because we decided that we will make Reading Lolita In Tehran the book of the month again. I have also been re-evaluating and decided that we will meet towards the end of April. My goal is to allow the reader ample time to read and chew on the book. (No, do not eat your book, just chew gently.) This is because there are so many great things here to chew over and I want to make sure you get time to do it.

I want to ask that those of you who have read it or are reading it, please write down some things that stand out as you go. Ask questions, put down how you feel. How is it stirring you, or maybe it isn't, so why? The meeting time and place will be announced later in the month.


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