Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Are you feeling it?

There is so much going on in the world. Have you read the posts at I think that is the right address. He is living in the middle of some amazing moments. It makes me wonder what I should be doing for the people in my life I tend to ignore. The first people who come into mind are my father and cousins. Oh, my mother would fall into that list as well. I had this thought about going to Mexico for my father's birthday party and trying to be a light to them in some way. I can hear Shad now. "Waist of time and money" and he would probably be right. But maybe, just maybe I could be doing something for someone. It's not like I have my life all figured out, but I could take what I have and share it with someone. I guess my motives would be all wrong. If it is something God wanted, it would happen without my knowledge. It seems like such a fine line figuring that out. When we do something, is it for ourselves or something He wanted us to do?

Is it possible to learn a valuable lesson when your 33 from a book you read to your ten year old? It is called Sahara Special and just be warned, it has some bad language in it, but it is a cool story. Every time I read the next chapter, I get something from it. I hope my kids do too.

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