Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Tonight's house church was weird and I felt a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps it is just the whole newness of it all. It is far away, but big enough for the kids. It was the same as it ever was though, and I don't see yet what the plan will be, but that is all in God's hands. Perhaps as time goes on it will feel a bit more comfortable. It was nice to be able to just leave and not have to worry about cleaning up. Not that that was ever a concern anyway, but it was nice.

Tomorrow I am going to the Orchard with the girls and the play group. It should be fun. My goal is to bring home lots of fruit and pumpkins and to have as much fun as possible at the Orchard with everyone. Sounds like the opportunity for a picture moment.

Life in limbo kind of sucks right now. I really, really want to know what the future will bring Shad and I. I really want to just know if we are moving out of state, or not. I can pretty much care less where we move to. Time to read to the girls.

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