Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Oh what a day it has been and it isn't even over yet. It just stinks when you have to destroy a room with searching through old papers and other crap you never wanted to have to remember or thought you would never have to look at again.

I saw the doctor today and was pleasantly surprised by her reaction to my questions regarding some natural health remedies. She is very interested in a cream I am going to start using. Go Doctor Z!!!!

Have you ever wondered why a banana chip doesn't get all brown? And why is a grape a grape when it is all juicy and plump, but it is called a raisin when it is all shriveled up and small? An apricot is still an apricot, but it is a dried apricot. They could have just called them dried grapes.No, wait, shriveled grapes. That is kind of fun to say. SHRIVELED GRAPES.


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