Saturday, September 27, 2003

I Don't Get It?

My father has perfect timing. He always seems to call or show up right at the moment that my life is the most stressful. I don't understand how this happens, but it does. Anyway, this day has been crappy. It started out really good with a nice conversation with a good friend, and some yummy tea. As soon as I got home, the whole day changed. I was in trouble, and there was tension. Then, after a long afternoon of stress, my day got even more crappy when there was another bout of trouble and this time a "I'm going out" with the slam of a door. To top it off, my father calls to tell me he is in town for the night and wants to go eat. Okay, well, am I forgetting anything here, like I am sure I am supposed to be doing something tonight. Then, my mom shows up out of the blue, and I am just trying to pretend it is all okay. I just wanted to scream, but the children are running around all happy and in no way aware that there is any stress at all. I make a decision, I will call some one from my church family and let it out because I am in need to talk to somebody.

We decide to go out to meet my father and have a good conversation on the way. Okay, so things went well, and the stress was a bit better. Then I remember that I was supposed to call my good friend and meet her tonight. Great, more stress, and now I am just a crappy friend. Oh, and I suck at money management.

I have had worse days, and better. I was glad to see my dad, yet wish it could have been at a better time. I am sure God has his reasons for it all. Some of them I think I get, and have learned. (The money management part.)However, the whole thing with my mom showing up and my dad just happening to be in town for the day. I sure don't get it.

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