Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Quick! Ten things I like about my mom:

1. She is stubborn
2. She taught me to be stubborn
3. She has a huge heart
4. She has only ever loved one man
5. Her love of family
6. Her ability to argue
7. Forbanders
8. Her smile
9. Her big brown eyes
10. Her spirit

Okay, ten things I like about my dad:

1. His musical talent
2. His charm and charisma
3. His blue eyes
4. His adventurous spirit
5. His wise counsel
6. His stubborn side
7. He has a huge heart
8. His ability to turn a recipe into a party
9. His soft hair
10. His impatience

Wow, I am on a roll, so ten things I like about my brother:

1. His huge heart
2. His ability to turn anything into something to laugh about
3. His blue eyes
4. His will and strength
5. His passion for family
6. His hugs
7. His smile
8. His laugh
9. His stubbon nature
10. His longing for love

Okay, ten things I like about my sister:

1. Her beautiful smile
2. Her resemblance to our father
3. Her wise counsel
4. Her wild spirit
5. Her strength
6. Her huger than huge heart
7. Her love of nature
8. Her love and devotion to her daughter
9. Her stubbon streak
10. Her laughter
11. Oh, wait, I said only ten,

Okay, so to be fair, ten things I like about me:

1. my love for my family
2. my toes
3. my eyes
4. my hair
5. my birth marks
6. my stubbornness
7. my strength
8. my ability to change my hair color when I feel the need
9. my courage
10. my ability to calmly cuss a person out in my head instead of in front of my children. (hey, no person is perfect)

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