Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I've spent a lot of time in my life giving advice to friends, and always wondering what it is that makes them think I have the knowledge that they seek. It stopped for a while, but has started up again, just when I am in the middle of trying to find my calling if you will. So I can listen and counsel, what am I to do with that?

Sometimes we want to believe that the gifts God gave us are not what he really wants us to use, but instead there must be something else out there that we have missed. I keep looking for the answers out there, but they are already right here. I just need to look closer, believe, and trust.

Trust is the hardest part.

I've been floating through the air and reaching for the stars,
I see your familiar silhouette yet I know not who you are.
As you grasp my out-stretched hand and bring me into the light,
I start to doubt your love and realize you are fading out of sight.


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