Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Who? Me?

Yes I am still painting, but lets talk about something else.

I was thinking about this famous guy who studied black holes. He spent most of his life doing nothing because he was so smart that everything bored him. And then after being diagnosed with a disease that will eventually kill him, he decided to start studying black holes? I am so lost with all of that. To be so intelligent and to spend your life working on numbers. I would totally try to use all of my intelligence working on a cure for something. Or on trying to better the world in some way. I know, make lots of money and buy a huge amount of property and create my own commune where people could live for free and plant and harvest their food, and kids could run amuck with no shoes and there were no TV's and everyone could play music and sing and dance and worship. Okay, I think I was born in the wrong year, or growing up in the 70's took its toll on my brain.

Dave said some heavy stuff the other night and it has my head spinning. What he said wasn't all that complicated, but very honest and kind of like a kick in the gut but in a nice way.

I am sorry we missed out on the beach time. I really love it there, but funds were low. We had a good weekend anyway and actually spent time together with no children. We really needed that.

Home schooling is going great so far. I started two weeks early with the girls so we could take more time off during the holidays. We are finally getting on a better schedule that accommodates all of what needs to be done during the day. I found this cool site on the web that gave me lots of info that has helped in that department of my life. I am taking one day at a time with all of the organizing and such.

Sometimes I wish I had something awe inspiring and super intelligent to say.

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