Monday, August 09, 2004


Time for a quick journal update, then off to work.

Saturday-8:30am India

We will be going to the jungle today. Not to run around in it, but driving through it. We get to stop some place to have lunch as well. I am excited and hope to see monkeys. I wonder if we will see any elephants?

Kellinee and I are both very sick now, and Susie sounds like she is the next victim. Amanda however is doing better thank goodness. The girls are at the school right at this moment playing basketball. They really love this.

This trip has really changed me, and continues to do so every day. I think I want to start praying with Shad every night. I will have to start it, but know it would do a world of good for us. We should pray with the girls as well. I really don't want to forget this place, or anything I have learned here. I pray that I am strong enough to withstand the evils of home. God is really working on my heart here. And these children, they are so full of beauty and longing to be loved.

Just got back from the jungle and it was so awesome! There were so many breath taking views! We were able to stop by an animal preservation building and we went to the roof to take pictures. Incredible! We saw monkeys with babies hanging form their bellies walking around. I tried to get a good picture, but we went to fast. We couldn't stop long because they were coming to the car and we were afraid they would try to get in. The roads are horrible, the worst we have seen yet, and my butt agrees, but the views were just astonishing. We saw a 400 year old fort, and a waterfall.

On our way out of the jungle, David took a road that he has not taken Americans on before, and we ended up smack in the middle of a village that has probably never seen a car, or an American. The road became to narrow and we had to back up and go another way, and the people of the village were staring in amazement just like we were. I stuck my hand out and was snapping pictures like a crazy person because I wanted to remember this moment. It was like watching a movie, only realizing you are in it. Crazy!!!!

Tomorrow we will wear our new sarees to church and do some fun things with the children in the Sunday school class. I have also decided to get my nose pierced at some point. My family will freak out. I am excited about it though. On Monday, we get to go to the school for the last time which will be sad, and then we get to have henna done before we leave for our 13hour train ride. That train ride is going to suck, but at least we will get to lay down and have cool air. It just sucks being stared at, and don't even get me started about the squattie!

I am very excited to see my family and to give them hugs and kisses. I am also looking forward to seeing the girls reunited with their families as well. A small, but much needed moment of affection for all.

---short but sweet. See you later!

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