Monday, August 30, 2004

No TV for three days!!!!!!

The cat is away so the mice are playing. I get three days and two nights of television free bliss.

I have listened to my first CD of the night and it feels so very good. I miss listening to music. There is just something about turning on one of your favorite songs really loud and sharing it with the neighbors while dancing around like a crazy person. My kids love it too.

We were tagged for wasting water today. Our neighbor has a broken sprinkler that floods our yard in the morning and we get the warning. Funny how that works. Oh, well. I will just turn ours off and see what happens next.

Shad has talked of a possible move again. I find it funny how unsettled he can be sometimes. Anyway, I was thinking a lot about it and it would be nice to move to a place where we know no one and could perhaps start something. Not mischief, but like a house gathering of some sort. I miss having everyone over like we used to.

Tomorrow I have a meeting, and then it is off to the stuffed animal hospital to get Fluffy and Honey fixed up. They seem to be coming apart from the seams. Hailey is distraught about the whole thing, but I re-assured her that it would be alright. There are some really good stuffed animal doctors out there. Right? I mean, because I can't sew a thing!

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