Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

I am a mother of a 10 year old. How the hell did that happen?!?! Oh, right. Well, on to other things.

So this day is a very special one for me. Once Hailey wakes up we will watch the video of her birth, I will cry, she will smile, and we shall celebrate the life God allowed me to help bring into this world. I am blessed.

I thought we would do girlie stuff like get our nails done and go shopping, but now I realize that it would be better to spend some time together with God. So I am taking the girls to the mountains where perhaps He can hear us better. We will have cake and play and enjoy the day together.

So, on to the India journal entry of the day. Enjoy:

Monday- I think.

Today was awesome! These girls are changing right before our eyes! Two of them prayed tonight which was very cool. We took a tour of the whole mission campus today. There are so many things going on here. An eye hospital, a Bible College, a school for the blind, a school for handicap children, a women's center, a movie/music studio, and the list goes on. Incredible!

The ants are HUGE here. I mean, HUGE!!!!

I am very emotional right now. So much goes on and it is surreal. I miss Shad and the girls. I really wish Shad could be here with me to see all of this. He would be changed forever.

It rained tonight, and it was so lovely. I love the rain here, it just pours down and is so refreshing.

Tomorrow is devotions, then teaching, then basketball. I am very excited but a bit nervous as this is all out of my comfort zone.

The food has been awesome as well. Five course breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Sheela is a great cook. I really am a bad wife and mother. Sheela doesn't even sit down until everyone is served and has everything they need. Do people really do that in the States?

I am very exhausted and need sleep. Till tomorrow.

--well, that was a short one, but full of some info. Hope you all have a great day.
Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Give Hailey hugs for me!! Happy Birthdday!