Wednesday, August 11, 2004


so, here is my next journal entry:

Sunday 6:30AM India

We are about to go to church but first we have to have Grandma Pushpa dress us. How funny is that? I feel beat up after yesterday's ride.

Okay, I am very sick. I admit it, and God is in control. We got dressed with Pushpa's help and then went to the church where they have Sunday school. I started to feel real bad, but made it through, and then we went to a Sunday School class to read The Giving Tree to the kids. I began to feel very hot and, well, just crappy and sick. I made it through the story, then had to come back to lay down. I slept, then ran to the bathroom, then had to take Advil for a fever. Top it all off with a head and chest cold and you can just imagine how I feel.

I just went to lunch, and there were a ton of people there to celebrate Shiney's birthday, so I had to leave. I just felt overwhelmed with sadness and a longing for my family.

Last night we all had a serious talk with the girls about being more respectful with one another. They felt that we were ganging up on them and started on the attack. I believe they were making it out to be more than it was, but then they began to accuse Kellinee of being manipulative, and of course Kellinee took offense. In the end, I believe the conversation ended on a positive note.

All in all, we have all had a life changing, and wonderful time here, but I must confess, I am ready to go home. I miss my family very much and long to hold them again. Tomorrow will be hard. A 12 hour train ride, then we spend the day and night, and then day again in Delhi. After all of that, it is a trip to the airport where we fly for what will seem like forever to get to Taiwan, then L.A. and then home.

I have learned so much on this trip. The biggest lesson is on how to love people better. I am not sure if I could come back here any time soon, but I am definitely in to help raise money for the next trip. Susie is so love here, and she really has been a blessing on so many people.

Sunday, very late night, I feel like crap, my body hurts, and I can't stop running to the bathroom. However, God is so good to me. We should always give thanks to God, even in times of sickness and sorrow. I pray for a good nights sleep and a blessed journey home.

--Well, I will try to do more tomorrow. I have to go watch my Jags!!!

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