Friday, August 06, 2004


So time for another glimpse into my warped mind while in India. Oh, you know you like it.

Wednesday, this time I am sure.
Sitting here this morning I am overwhelmed with the feeling of God's presence here. I think of all I have witnessed, and He is so evident. What makes home so different? Why can't I see God like this at home? Perhaps it is all of the STUFF we think we need but don't, and perhaps we let ourselves get consumed by it. Obviously. I am learning to love my family better. I don't want to let go of the lessons I am receiving here. I pray that all I learn and experience will stay with me always and forever. I want to love people like these people are loving me.

It is 6:20 am here and the birds have been chirping all morning. Sounds I've never heard before all around me. I can hear the train in the distance. A reminder of how short our time here is.

Today, breakfast, devotions, then basketball. Kellinee and I are doing another lesson with the handicap children. They are awesome. After that we will get to go to the shopping area to pick out fabric for our clothes we are to have made. I am very excited to see the shopping area and the people who live there.

Kell and I will also get to spend time with Grandma Pushpa and some of the widows. We might even get to share our stories with them, and theirs with us. I am excited. For dinner tonight we are eating here at grandma Pushpa's and it will be authentic Indian. Oh baby!

Have I mentioned that everyone I have met that works here has their PHD? This place is just amazing!

---well, here we are. I hope you had fun. I know I did. Till tomorrow.....

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