Thursday, August 05, 2004

So much to do, so little time......

Things are moving along, and I have a ton of work today. So, lets get this done......

I guess it is Tuesday, I am not ever sure anymore. We went to see Grandma Pushpa and listened to her stories of the work she does here at the mission. She is an amazing woman. She has a program with 600 children in it. She tries to find people who are willing to donate $12 a month to help support their needs but doesn't have the number of supporters she needs. 200 of these children are here in Damoh. She said they are in need of a vehicle that takes diesel gas so they can transport these kids to school and back, and that because they do not have enough supporters, they divide the money they do get up so that every child gets something from it. I feel a deep need to help out with this situation but will have to talk with Shad first. For now I will pray and pray and pray.

She also runs a program for widows. When a woman's husband dies here, they are considered cursed. They don't have ways of making money, so they go to live with their children and are considered a burden. Grandma Pushpa's program helps these women by teaching them trades and giving them grains and beans and rice to give to their children so that they are less of a burden on them and so that they will be treated better. Pray, pray, pray......

We went to see the handicap children and read them "The Little Rain Cloud." Then we did a little are project with them. This little cuttie boy stole my heart and I helped him with his project. I had so much fun. I can't wait to see my girls and share with them all of the things we are doing here.

Time to go play basketball! Be right back!

Well, we have done so much and seen so much. I really want to be able to document everything, but I guess that would be impossible. School is very different here. The children stay in one class room all day, and the teachers move from room to room. They don't have many books, and no air conditioning, just fans and open windows. The teachers basically lecture for 30 minutes and then move on. Children stand when anyone comes into the room and say "Good morning ma'am" and smile and seem very eager to learn. When asked what they do for fun when not in school, the kids looked puzzled, then said they do tutoring classes. Basically saying that they are always doing school, or learning except for Sunday when they go to Sunday school at church. They play games during the afternoons at break time at the school. They have a volleyball net and seem to play that a lot. Cricket is the big game here though. And of course, there is basketball. They love it. You can see in their faces that they do. They love Susie as well. That much is super obvious!
She loves it here and I feel that she will certainly be back soon. God obviously has big plans for her and this place. At least that is what I feel.

Time for bed.

--well, that is it for today, hope you liked it or learned something. Remember, if you have questions, just ask. Thanks for listening.

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