Saturday, August 07, 2004

Happy Saturday!

Well, I thought I would make a change in color. Blue is my favorite you know. Ready for the next portion of my journal from India? Me too.

Thursday, July 22nd? 7AM India, 7:30PM home.

Kell and I are about to embark on an adventure in learning and teaching with a first grade class in India. We only get 30min but I am super excited. All of the children wear uniforms here. School here is just so very different.

I have to use a bucket to shower, sleep in a mosquito net and sandals are the preferred shoe. I lather myself in Deet every morning noon and night to keep away the blood suckers. Hope I don't grow a third arm. In the middle of chaos, there are so many beautiful things here. Beautiful faces, fabrics, carvings. Every time we are greeted for the first time we are draped in flowers and beads. People stare at us all of the time. I guess the super white chicks will always stand out here. While in the shop looking at fabrics, there were about 50 people gathered outside watching us. The store keeper had to go out and run them off. That was just weird. It made me feel kind of bad as they are just as curious about us as we are about them.

People sleep in the dirt, or tent, or hut or what ever they have. Children wonder the streets alone, dirty and looking hungry. Some beg in the streets as a profession. I am told that certain bosses will take women with small children, hook them (the child) on heroin or some other drug so that they will be crying or whinny all of the time to help in the " feel sorry for me" process while the parent begs for money. Certain bosses are in control of certain areas and people. So many people with no concept of a better life. Yet God is working everywhere I look. You see women in beautifully colored fabrics in the fields working. Ox drawn carts, and people carrying things on their heads. Sights I would think of in my mind when reading the Bible. Amazing.

It is bed time again. I stayed out of the sun during the second session of basket ball today. It was a good thing as I am feeling better. The heat just makes you feel so run down. I should be drinking more water. We leave here in four days. Too soon.

Tomorrow we get to go to a village, and one of the villagers will allow us to go into their home to see how they live. Then we might get to see a Hini temple. I am a bit nervous about tomorrow because we were told that we could only stay for about an hour for security reasons. I hope to get many pictures while we are there. I hear thunder, so I am sure it will rain tonight. God really is the same everywhere.

--Well, I guess that was full of interesting facts. I really had a blessed time there and felt blessed to see God in so many people, places and things. Till tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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