Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dream time

It is morning time! Are you awake?

I had a dream about traveling on a long and winding road in a very fast car with a bunch of others and we were on some kind of mission. But we were attacked and the road broke into pieces and we ended up crashing in the ocean. We were taken aboard a ship of some kind and we thought we were safe, but a group came in and they were shocking us all with these shocker wands to knock us out. Many of us were hit, and I thought we were toast, but we all survived.
We regrouped and decided to branch off and try to find a way to complete our mission.

I have weird dreams.

So my fist "mission" this morning was the dog poop in the back yard. I have accomplished at least that much today. Next, this blog. Man, I am just on a roll!

We are going to the meadow today. Hope to see you there as I am sure it will be an awesome time to fellowship. (that is a churchy term for hanging out with family and friends)
See you there?

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