Monday, June 28, 2004

Not to beat a dead horse but...........

I feel sick, but it is just the cereal I ate.

Church was cool, and Joe and Greg had good things to say. I am very excited about the changes. I have always wondered why we had to have church in a particular building on a particular day, but never asked the question. I really don't know a lot about God, just what I have learned over the last four years or so. Shad says I am to trusting. Perhaps, but I feel as though I can pretty much tell if a person has good or bad in their heart.

This whole thing feels right to me. I had a dream a long time ago about us having church in the middle of the desert or something. That was back when Apex didn't know were they were going to move to. I have never been worried about the success of Apex because in my eyes, they are a constant reflection of Gods love and will always touch people's hearts with living what they know and believe, weather that is in a building, on the street, the beach, at work or in our own homes. I change and learn a little every time I am around someone from the Apex family. I have already been shown that I have learned a great deal from my family by the things my best friend said recently. I didn't even know, and that is the greatest part. We shouldn't know because that is not our victory, it is God's victory.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in August after being in India. I have no idea why I am going, other than these girls might need a mom, and the fact that I feel this is something I am supposed to do. I am going to miss my family a great deal, and my girls. They have never been away from me this long. They will change so much while I am gone, that I am sure of. I will change too. God is always working.

Okay, so for not feeling as though I had anything to say today, I have said enough!

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