Friday, July 02, 2004


We leave in thirteen days, and I am very nervous about it all financially. Only for me I mean, we made our goal for the girls by the grace of God and I am so excited for them. Thanks to all who have helped out. You rock!!!

I am pissed off at a certain family member, but have been praying about it. I have to let it go because it is not in my hands. Not really. I think I need this time away to re-adjust my view on life and to learn what is most important. Not that I don't have a good idea already. But I am a work in progress like everyone else.

I spoke to my father yesterday and he sent a check, but wouldn't tell me how much it was. I hope it isn't a lot because I am sure he can't afford it. He is such a butt head some times.

I have a ton to do. Happy day.

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