Tuesday, June 01, 2004

It is about twelve thirty and I am doing laundry, so, while I wait for the dryer, I will place some useless thoughts down in my blog.

I am trying out a new schedule so that I might be a bit more organized. Yes, another pathetic try at organization. I really want to be, but find it almost impossible. It will happen some day I guess.

Hailey got bit by a mouse today. It was a pet, and Shad thinks we should get it checked out by the doctor. I figure that if it doesn't seem to bother her by now, it's probably alright. She said that the little shit bit her and was dangling from her finger, unwilling to let go. She had to pull it of. That must have hurt bad. Had it been me, I would have probably thrown the thing across the room. Probably why it wasn't me.

We have the fundraising, mega yard sale going on this Saturday at the Carder's so make sure those of you willing stop by and have a snack or two while you brows through the huge selection of items available. We have everything from clothes to skis to CD's and miner hats. There is a washing machine, a dresser and the list just goes on. There is also another car wash on the 13th at the McDonald's on Sunset and Stephanie. Bring your dirty car and a donation. We'll see ya there.

Okay, I am done plugging the fundraiser stuff. I am starting to get tired. I think I should just go to bed. Who needs clean clothes anyway? Oh, right.

We looked at a house over by Shad's parents today. In the master bedroom, the bathroom has a huge hot tube and that is it! No sink, no shower or bath tub, just a lot of tile and a hot tub. And I am not talking the bath tub kind, I am talking the huge out door kind. What the hell was this guy thinking? Oh, lets just not go there! Get your head out of the gutter! YUCK!!

The house has potential, but needs work. Lots of it. (mostly in the master bath!!!!!) Any way, it was kind of fun to look at. Some people are very strange.

Bed time for bonzo.

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