Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Well, there is a ton of work on my desk, but I am getting through it.

I feel as though church has become something different. I love to go and listen and hear about Jesus, I love to watch the people there mingle and converse, but it is not very easy at times to feel as though I am a part of it. How do you become a part of it? Are you a part of it if you are just there, or do you have to be an active part, like pray out loud or by doing something for someone? Can you be there and love on every person who walks in the door and just be yourself? Is that enough? It should be.

I feel as though it really doesn't matter if you say a word, just being in the presence of God and of others and being true to yourself should be enough. Why do we have to meet in a building? Why can't we just call one another and set a date and time in a different place every month and get together and hang out and pray and sing, eat and laugh and listen,just loving one another?

Church at the big building isn't what changed me, God changed me, but through the community of a small group of people who were willing and eager to share about the love of God. Each individual person helped with a simple word or action that they weren't even aware of. To me, that is real church. People who are willing to take a moment out of their busy schedule to give it to someone who needs it. People who remember that we are made out of love to love.

Okay, so I am just rambling. It has to happen at times. That is what I blog for.

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