Friday, June 04, 2004


My eyes are slowly opening and feel very dry today. Time for drops I guess.

Today is the day we get everything organized for the huge sale we are having tomorrow. It should go well. Thanks to everyone who has been helping. YOU ROCK!!!

We moved my desk last night. Could we be any funnier? We keep changing things in the house so that there might be a chance we finally are comfortable here. It has been so hard adjusting to a smaller house. I know God is teaching us much by having us here. I am learning to really appreciate what I have. I'm also learning that we have to get rid of a bunch of stuff we don't need. The girls haven't learned that yet, but are starting to. Why do we think we need so much stuff? Anyway, off to the showers and then the gym.

Movie night at my house on June 25th. Movie to be announced.

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