Monday, June 21, 2004

Just a glance

Life is getting crazy and I am feeling anxiety even with meds. That is a sign of high stress. Bummer.

My day started out with MacKenzie sticking her finger in my eye to wake me up so I could just be up with her. I then turned on the TV hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep, and rolled over to get back to where I left off. The phone rings, it is Gram wanting to know if I will be on her side of town today. I say no, and she says okay and hangs up.

HMMM, she wants me to be interested in what she needs so I will call back? Perhaps, but I can't fall for it, I have other things to do.

Next Hailey wants me to make her breakfast. HMMM, she could do it herself, yet I get up and make it for her. Shad calls, he needs me to fax him some paper he forgot today. First I have to find it. Fun!

The dog wants attention so she keeps nudging me with her wet nose. I really hate that because it is all cold and yucky.

Hailey has decided she will teach her sister some piano this morning. Yea!

Just a small view into an hour of my life. Oh, today is Monday, work day. I work from home and I am late. Bummer.

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