Monday, October 13, 2003

Table for one!

I feel as though I should be charging people at the door for coming into our house and wonder through it. We have six cards sitting on the counter of people who have shown our house and we just listed Saturday! We also have three offers already! What is God trying to tell us here, "Get out!" or what? It is all very crazy and Shad keeps changing his mind like every five minutes. I guess it could be worse and there could be no one looking at our house. I just feel like this is all going so stinking fast. On top of it all I am trying to bail out my sister-in-law at her place of business, and do home schooling at the same time as packing and everything else.

Well, if nothing else, it feels good to whine a little bit not that it will change anything. I guess I should get the laundry done. Oh but wait, there are about six people at the door wanting to see the house. I guess I better go.

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