Wednesday, October 01, 2003


I hate money, and the fact that life revolves around it. I have a business and can't run it properly without money. Or maybe I suck at my business. Probably, but it is still my business, and a way to create income. Much needed income.

I was thinking about how we are the church, and how that means that no matter where we go, we are bringing church with us, and I thought of how my mom always wants to have my cousin come to house church. Why couldn't I go there, and be the church with them. Every family has their issues, so why not be the church at all times and especially when with messed up family? But then that is it right? We need to be the church at all times, and that means always living for God and never ourselves. As if it were that easy. Perhaps it is. Have I ever tried it? No, because I am a sinner and would screw it up some how. But then, by being a sinner and screwing up, we tend to teach someone something. Sometimes that someone is just ourselves learning the lesson and that is good.

I was able to play the scales with both hands at the same time today on the piano, and I learned how to read music over the last two days. Yippy for me.

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