Thursday, October 02, 2003


Just woke up. Yes, I slept really good, and had a weird dream about having a car, but choosing to ride a skateboard across town to a small child care center where there were people I knew. Susie was there, but she was sick and was leaving. That bumped me out but I stayed and was taking care of some paperwork, and the kids were sleeping. Then this little girl busted into the room and was being chased by a little yippy dog and was scared. The girl had a balloon and the yippy dog just wanted to play with it. She didn't understand. I started to play with the dog, and then all of the kids woke up from the noise and there was total chaos in the room.

I dream all of the time and most of my dreams are very strange. This one is not so strange. The funny part was that while I was riding the skateboard, I was trying to do tricks on it. Now that is weird. And I remember now that there were people walking around looking at me like I was crazy, and I almost ran into a car that had it's door open and there was thumping music blaring from it. And there was a school that it was parked next to.

Okay, enough of this crazy stuff.

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