Thursday, October 09, 2003

I am so grateful for the things we have. So much so that I would love to give them all away. I am not sure what God is about to throw at us, but I am in a situation where I really need to think before I act. I was offered a part time, temporary job and I am not sure I want to get involved in the mess of it all. Of course, I have to think of our financial situation and in doing so I realize that this could be a good thing. However, I cringe at the thought of it because something doesn't seem right. Why would God provide a job right at this point in time? Like He is going to just pop His head through the wall and tell me. Perhaps I am making too much of it all. After all, I really don't know the whole story, but do I really want the stress of this job back? No, but we need the money. Do we need it that bad? Well, kind of. Do I know that I am even being offered money to do this? Not exactly, but they wouldn't expect me to just do the work for free would they? Yep. And they would because I would be dumb enough to offer my help free of charge. And just why would I charge them for all of this anyway? Because we need the money. I hate money. This is a really bad thing I am about to get into I think. I say about because I already said I would help. Why do I just jump before I look? Haven't I learned by now! This sucks! I could always change my mind, but the situation is a bit sticky. I hate sticky! I should have just pushed for the job of passing flyers. Then I could have had a good out for this situation. Should of, could of, would of. None of that matters now. I need to go spit.

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