Thursday, March 25, 2004


Have you ever felt the need to walk out and spit? I feel like that today. Like I have a huge phlegm to just get out. Not an actual phlegm in my mouth that traveled from my nose to my throat, but like an irritation that just needs to leave.

Anyway, last night I ended up at the Canyon Ridge service again while waiting on my daughter. They said something that I never realized before. I have never put that much thought into it really, but anyway, it was that all religions are about what you DO and that Christianity is about what has been DONE. (This is something someone wrote about, can't remember who) Like you have to pray this way to be blessed, and you have to do this or that to receive blessings, but in Christianity you come to realize that Jesus already did what needed to be done for everything you have done and will do, so now it is time to love and learn to be a community of God loving people doing His will in the world. Just thought that was super interesting.

Today I will be painting a room with sky and trees and hills of grass, flowers and Power Puffs. Yes, I said Power Puffs. My daughter will sketch them on the wall and I will paint them. Under her direction of course. I am looking forward to Movie night, the house should be quit a mess. It is all in the name of love baby!

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