Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Dude! I am so tired of being afraid of things. So, I quit!

And just like that it all goes away.

For the moment I am free of fear, and on the road to success, happiness, love ...........................
I am a master booker! Did you know that? I am, and I love it. I am working as a Senior Consultant now, and that is way cool. That means that I have a team member who I am training and who I keep in constant contact with regarding her business. I help her make decisions, and help with her questions about the business we are in. I give her ideas, and we spend time learning from one another. It feels great to be in a business that helps others to help others. It is a slow process right now, but with perseverance, and dedication, it will blossom and bloom into a very successful and profitable career. And I don't just mean profitable in money terms, I mean profitable in feeling successful, having time with my family, being able to stay home with my family while I work, tax deductions, being my own boss, getting to meet wonderful people who I learn from and who learn from me, getting to help people take better care of themselves, and helping them to be happy. So I pat myself on the back, and let go of fear so that I may continue to succeed in my Mary Kay business, and then some.

Wow, that feels good. Bring it on!

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